SAP FloorPlan Manager PDF & Books – list of usefull Resources for FPM

SAP Floorplan Manager Resources

SAP FloorPlan Manager PDf regroups some important resources to start or master SAP FPM. You can download the SAP FPM PDF files and use them as a reference.?

SAP Floorplan Manager Definition

Floorplan Manager (FPM) is a Web Dynpro ABAP application that provides a framework for developing new Web Dynpro ABAP application interfaces consistent with SAP UI guidelines. FPM currently supports you in creating and configuring user interfaces :

  • Object Instance Floorplan (OIF)
  • Overview Page Floorplan (OVP)
  • Guided Activity Floorplan (GAF)
  • Quick Activity Floorplan (QAF)

The FPM configuration editor covers?following floorplan areas :

  • Identification Region (IDR)
  • Message Region (MR)
  • Context Navigation Region (CNR)
  • Roadmap Element*

source: FPM for WDA developers

SAP Floorplan Manager PDF Resources

Floorplan Manager for Web Dynpro ABAP – Developer’s Guide

Let’s start with the official documentation for Floorplan Manager for WDA. It is more oriented to Developer.
This is very detailled and so complete resource if you want to start with SAP FPM.?It required to have some SAP WebdynPro Technical knowledge.

Here the topics in this SAP Floorplan Manager PDF Guide for WDA Developer:

  • Getting Started
    • User Interface Building Blocks
    • How to create Simple FPM Application
    • Creating a Web Dynpro Component
    • Using Application Parameters
    • Creating an Application Configuration with the FPM Configuration Editor
    • Configuring the Component and IDR Configurations: FPM_OIF_COMPONENT & FPM_GAF_COMPONENT and FPM_IDR_COMPONENT
    • Testing your FPM Application
  • Application Creation Tool (ACT)
  • Configuration Editor for Floorplan Manager: presentation of Form Editor, List Editor, Search Component and Tabbed Component for Floorplan Manager.
  • Wire Model :
    • BOL in FPM Application
  • Design Time with the FPM Configuration Editor:
    • Floorplan Instances
    • FPM Toolbar
    • IF_FPM_CNR_GAF &?IF_FPM_CNR_OIF ?Interfaces
    • FPM Identification Region (IDR)
    • IF_FPM_IDR Interface
  • Overview Page Floorplan (OVP)
  • Setting a Default ALV View for a Freestyle UIBB
  • FPM Dialog Component
  • Generic User Interface Building Block (GUIBB)
  • Drag-and-Drop in SAP Floorplan manager
  • Navigation with Launchpads
  • Suspend and Resume Floorplan Manager Application
  • Handling Dialog Boxes
  • FPM Message Management
  • FPM Error Page
  • Embedded Analytics in Floorplan Manager

Here the link for?Floorplan Manager ABAP – Developer?s Guide 11 Preliminary Version

Check more tutorials on SAP WebdynPro.?

FPM Cookbook PDF Version

You can also check the FPM Cookbook.
It contains the main development to be done in SAP FPM. This FPM Cookbook covers the case with step by step tutorials.

The main topics in the SAP FPM CookBook are:

  • Introduction to FPM
  • Creating Simple FPM Applications:
    This the starting SAP FPM Tutorial explaining how to create a simple FPM Application?.
  • Using Advanced FPM Features:
    This chapter covers the main features of SAP FPM including
    • Variants,
    • Subroadmaps,
    • Using Application Parameters,
    • Dynamic Adjustments,
    • Sharing Data across different UIBBs,
    • Using an application specific Configuration Controller,
    • Handling of Transactions,
    • Navigation API and
    • Composite UIBBs.
  • FPM for Experts: check this last chapter to go deeper on SAP floorplan Manager.
    It covers advanced SAP FPM tutorials such as
    • Handling of application specific Popups,
    • Skipping the initial screen,?Work-Protect Mode,
    • Application specific Commit,
    • Embedding an FPM,
    • The Resource Manager Interface and
    • Detailed FPM Message Manager Documentation.

Here the link for SAP Floorplan Manager Cookbook.

SAP Floorplan Manager Book

Here the reference book for SAP Floorplan Manager:

SAP FloorPlan Manager: Web Dynpro ABAP: Programming for SAP (Comprehensive)

Web Dynpro ABAP: Programming for SAP (Comprehensive)

You have the tool you need to become a master with this book . Start with the basics, jump right into advanced concepts. You can?flip straight to workbooks. Just?apply your knowledge to real-life exercises. Whatever your WDA goal may be, this book will get you there.

1. The Complete Picture Move through the whole world of WDA at your own pace. Find what you need whether you’re starting from the ground level or building on existing knowledge.

2. WDA Programming Model Learn about all aspects of the WDA programming model: controllers, contexts, windows, views, UI elements, and more.

3. Special Topics Dive into focused discussions of concepts like the Floorplan Manager, WDA integration, security, and performance tuning.

4. Developer Workbooks Test your knowledge with developer workbooks that ask you to accomplish specific tasks as part of developing a real-life WDA application.

5. Source Code Bundle Explore solutions to the developer workbooks. All the example codes in the book are downloadable source code bundle.

Highlights Include:

  • Controllers
  • Contexts
  • Windows and views
  • UI elements
  • Component-based development
  • Dynamic programming
  • Configuration and enhancement
  • Floorplan Manager
  • WDA integration
  • Security
  • Performance tuning

Get the book here on amazon?Web Dynpro ABAP: Programming for SAP (Comprehensive)? (Affiliate link)