SAP TAO – SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization


SAP TAO stands for SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization. Test Acceleration and Optimization supports SAP customers in accelerating the creation of automated test cases for SAP solutions.

SAP TAO Overview

“This acceleration is achieved by automatically creating test components for selected SAP transactions.”

“These test components will then be automatically uploaded into the SAP Quality Center by HP application. These draft test cases are for single transactions, which can then be consolidated into a scenario test case.”

“SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization also supports maintenance of components and test cases by integration into SAP Solution Manager?s Business Process Change Analyzer.”

Download SAP Accelerated Test and Optimization

You need to go to

Then Navigate To :

Support Packages and Patches-> Browse our Download Catalog-> SAP Technology components -> TAO-> SAP TAO 3.0-> Comprised software component versions -> SAP TEST ACCEC. and OPT. 3.0 -> Win 32.

You need an OSS credentiels to download the package.

SAP TAO?Installation

In order to install the SAP TAO ( Test Accelaration and Optimization) follow these steps:

  1. First QC needs to be installed
  2. Before installing turn off the firewall & IPS and reduce the security level to nill in control panel user account
  3. Import & Export and load all the components
  4. Then install QTP
  5. Access QC from QTP
  6. Then install SAP TAO

Check this step by step detail tutorial how to install SAP TAO:?Installation: Test Acceleration and Optimization

SAP Notes before installating

You may consider the following SAP Notes before installating SAP TAO

  • 1733109 Release strategy for ST-TST
  • 539977 Release strategy for ST-PI
  • 1228898 Installation/delta upgrade of ST-PI 2008_1
  • 69455 Release strategy for ST-A/PI
  • 147519 Maintenance strategy/deadlines SAP GUI
  • 1778083 Release Note SAP TAO 3.0
  • 1762870 Release Restrictions for SAP TAO 3.0

Check more detail about each SAP note on

SAP TAO?Free Resources

I tried to compile some usefull free resources to learn SAP Test Accelation and Optimization.
And the result is:

  • SAP Help:?The first SAP Free Tutorials for SAP Test AO? you must visit is : SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization 3.0
  • This document proposes an approach towards an Integrated Testing Solution using SAP Solution Manager, HP ?Quality Center, QTP and SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization?Integrated Testing Solution Using SAP Solution Manager, HP-QC/QTP?
  • An excellent document and a good introduction to SAP TAO can found here?SAP TEST ACCELERATION AND OPTIMIZATION AUTOMATION USING HP TOOLS ? QC, BPT AND QTP?
  • An other ressource for learning SAP Test Accelaration and optimisation is?Using SAP TAO for Business Processing Testing