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Best ABAP Ressources on the Web

Best ABAP Ressources on the web list the main Blog and website when you can learn to code in ABAP for SAP or find some helpful tips on SAP ABAP Programming. 

SAP HANA; SAP HANA Architecture

Build a Quick Overview of SAP HANA Architecture

SAP HANA Architecture: The two main parts of the SAP HANA server system are the hardware and the software. On the client side, SAP provides the SAP HANA Studio which allows application modeling. For data reporting on a SAP HANA system, SAP’s BusinessObjects software can connect natively to SAP HANA, and reporting can be done…

What's SAP HANA, SAP Hana Studio Download;Install SAP HANA as an Eclipse Plugin

What’s SAP HANA ? – Quick Introduction Guide to SAP HANA

What’s SAP HANA ? SAP HANA is SAP’s vision of in-memory computing. Based upon several existing technologies, SAP HANA is a database system, designed to greatly speed up database accesses when reading data, while not slowing data insertion.

SAP HANA; SAP HANA Architecture

Recommended SAP HANA Onlines Courses on Udemy

SAP HANA Onlines Courses regroups the best online courses for SAP Hana. It coves SAP – SAP ABAP on SAP HANA, SAP – SAP HANA, SAP – SAP HANA Advanced, SAP – SAP HANA Beginners, SAP HANA, SAP HANA -SP09 Implementation, Modeling and Reporting Course, SAP HANA 101 – Boost Performance Through In-memory Computing, SAP HANA Installation, Operation and Administration, SAP HANA Internet…