Easy Guide to Translating Task Description and Texts for any Workflow in SAP ?

This SAP Tutorial will guide on how to translate any Workflow Task Description using the SAP Transaction Code SE63.

Translating Task Description Steps:

Step 1 : launch SE63

Go to transaction SE63. Select Translate->Abap Objects->Transport Object.

SE63 - Translating Task Description Steps:

Step 2 Object and translation entries

In the fields for Transport Entry of Object enter program ID, object type, and object name.

In the translation area enter the source and target language and press the Edit button

Step 3 Select translation Object

Doubleclick on the translation object that you want to translate.

Step 4 Translate

In this step, you can enter the translation. Don’t forget to hit save after translation of Workflow task.

Step 5 Test

Step 4 is the last translation step of Workflow Task. Just test to make sure everything is all right and the translation has be saved.


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