Usefull UI5 Chrome Extensions: UI5 Inspector & UI5 Development Tools

Usefull UI5 Chrome Extensions: UI5 Inspector & UI5 Development Tools. Short introduction to 2 important Chrome Extensions you need to install for UI5 Dev.

UI5 Chrome Extensions 1 : UI5 Inspector

With the UI5 Inspector, you can easily debug and support your OpenUI5 or SAPUI5-based apps.
With the UI5 Inspector extension for Chrome DevTools, you can inspect, analyze, and support OpenUI5 and SAPUI5-based apps.

Key features:

  • Inspect UI5 controls and review their properties, bindings, and data model
  • Modify control properties on the fly and see how this affects the rendering and behavior
  • Find relevant framework information for your OpenUI5/SAPUI5 app

You can get this UI5 Chrome Extension here :  UI5 Inspector – Chrome Web Store – Google
If you want to contribute to UI5 Inspector Project or to download the UI5 Inspector, check the github directory.

SAP made a good demo video for UI5 Inspector:

Source: UI5 Inspector on 

UI5 Chrome Extensions 2 : UI5 Development Tools

UI5 Development Tools

You can also get this UI5 Development Tools here: UI5 Development Tools – Chrome Web Store – Google

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