Function Module SAP Tables

Function Module SAP Tables and Interfaces

Function Module SAP Tables storing information about SAP function modules. SAP Table name in which function module and function group are in the system.

Function Module SAP Tables

The Main SAP table for Function Modules is TFDIR Function Module. You will find in this table:

  • FUNCNAME Name of Function Module
  • PNAME Program Name
  • INCLUDE INCLUDE number of function module
  • FREEDATE Release date of function module
  • APPL Application to which function module is assigned
  • MAND Client
  • FMODE Type of function module (local, remote, …)
  • HOST
  • UTASK Update
  • PNAME_MAIN Program Name

So the main field where the function name is TFDIR-FUNCNAME – Function module name

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Function Module Text in SAP Table

The Description of Function module or Function Module Short Text is stored in TFTIT by language

  • SPRAS Language Key
  • FUNCNAME Name of Function Module
  • STEXT Short text for function module

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Get Function Module Information using BAPI

If you want to retrieve some information of a SAP Function module FUNCTION_INCLUDE_INFO.
It will give some information about the function group.

Link between Function Module and Function Group

The link between Function Group and Function Module can be found in SAP table ENLFDIR for Additional Attributes for Function Modules.

  • FUNCNAME Name of Function Module
  • AREA Function group, to which the function module belongs
  • ACTIVE Function module active

Group Function SAP Tables

The SAP Tables in which Group Functions are stored are:

  • TLIBG :Person responsible for function class
  • TLIBT: for Function Group Short Texts
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The field for Group Function will be TLIBG-AREA.

Get Signature of SAP Function Module

In order to generate dynamically the parameters for a SAP Function Module, the BAPI FUNCTION_IMPORT_INTERFACE is helpful.
The function FUNCTION_IMPORT_INTERFACE will provide Interface of a Function Module.

The function will use the following parameters:

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