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SAP Mass Attachments Extraction for Sales Documents (ABAP)

SAP Attachment: The following ABAP program sample is optimized to Mass extraction of SAP Attachments (GOS) for Sales Documents.

SAP Mass Attachments Extraction using ABAP.

The same ABAP Code can be user to mass extract Attachment for

  • FI Documents
  • PM Notifications
  • MM Material

The original post is SAP GOS Attachment Technical

SAP Attachment: Miscellaneous Tips

Search Help for Directory Selection

The method cl_gui_frontend_services=>directory_browse offers to select a folder from presentation server ( local ).
The result SELECTED_FOLDER is the full path for a local directory.

Check if a file exists on presentation Server

The method cl_gui_frontend_services=>file_exist checks if a file exists locally ( on presentation server).
The result is initial if the file exists.

ABAP Code for SAP Attachment Mass extraction

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