SAP BOM Category Details

SAP BOM Category : BOM ( Bill of Material ) can be used to represent different Objects: Material, Order, Equipment (SM), WBS (PS), Standard (PS),Document and Functional Location (PM)
In this post, you will find some illustration of SAP BOM in different SAP module with the relevant SAP Tcodes and the main link SAP Table for each.

SAP BOM Category for Material

SAP BOM Material Tcodes

  • CS01 Create Material BOM
  • CS02 Change Material BOM
  • CS03 Display Material BOM

To manage Material BOM Group and Allocation to Plant, run rather these tcode

  • CS05 Change Material BOM Group
  • CS06 Display Material BOM Group
  • CS07 Allocate Material BOM to Plant
  • CS08 Change Material BOM – Plant Alloc.
  • CS09 Display Allocations to Plant

SAP BOM Material Main Table

The main SAP Table for BOM representing a SAP Material is MAST (Material to BOM Link)

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The main field for MAST are:

  • MAST-MATNR Material Number
  • MAST-WERKS Plant
  • MAST-STLNR Bill of material
  • MAST-STLAL Alternative BOM

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SAP BOM Category for Order

SAP BOM Order Tcodes

  • CS61 Create Order BOM
  • CS62 Change Order BOM
  • CS63 Display Order BOM

SAP BOM Order Main Table

The main SAP Table for BOM representing an order is KDST (Sales Order to BOM Link)

The main field for KDST are:

  • KDST-VBELN Sales Order
  • KDST-VBPOS Sales order item
  • KDST-MATNR Material Number
  • KDST-WERKS Plant
  • KDST-STLNR Bill of material
  • KDST-STLAL Alternative BOM

SAP BOM Category for Equipment (SM)

SAP BOM Equipment Tcodes

The Maint SAP Tcodes to handle a BOM Equipment are:

  • IB01 Create Equipment BOM
  • IB02 Change Equipment BOM
  • IB03 Display Equipment BOM

Also, the following tcodes will manage Equipement BOM Group and BOM Plant Allocation.

  • IB05 Change Equipment BOM Group
  • IB06 Display Equipment BOM Group
  • IB07 Assign Equipment BOM to Plant
  • IB08 Change Equipment BOM – Plant Alloc.
  • IB09 Display Equipment BOM Plant Alloc.

SAP BOM Equipment Main Table

The main SAP Table for BOM representing a SAP Equipment is EQST (Equipment to BOM Link)

The main field for EQST are:

  • EQST-EQUNR Equipment Number
  • EQST-WERKS Plant
  • EQST-STLNR Bill of material
  • EQST-STLAL Alternative BOM
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SAP BOM Category for WBS (PS)


  • CS71 Create WBS BOM
  • CS72 Change WBS BOM
  • CS73 Display WBS BOM
  • CS74 Create multi-level WBS BOM
  • CS75 Change multi-level WBS BOM
  • CS76 Display multi-level WBS BOM

SAP BOM WBS Main Table

The main SAP Table for BOM representing a WBS element in SAP PS is PRST (Project – BOM link)

The main field for PRST are:

  • PRST-PSPNR Work breakdown structure element (WBS element)
  • PRST-MATNR Material Number
  • PRST-WERKS Plant
  • PRST-STLNR Bill of material
  • PRST-STLAL Alternative BOM

SAP BOM Category Standard (PS)

SAP BOM Standard (PS) Tcodes

  • CS80 Change Documents for Material BOM
  • CS81 Change Documents for Standard BOM
  • CS82 Change documents for sales order BOM
  • CS83 Change documents for WBS BOM
  • CS84 Change documents for class BOM

SAP BOM Standard Main Table

The main SAP Table for BOM representing a standard BOM in SAP PS is STST

The main field for STST are:

  • STST-STOBJ Standard object
  • STST-WERKS Plant
  • STST-STLNR Bill of material
  • STST-STLAL Alternative BOM

SAP BOM Category Document

SAP BOM Document Tcodes

  • CV11 Create Document Structure
  • CV12 Change Document Structure
  • CV13 Display Document Structure
  • CV15 Change Document BOM Group
  • CV16 Display Document BOM Group

SAP BOM Document Main Table

The main SAP Table for BOM representing a standard BOM is DOST (Document to BOM Link)

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The main field for DOST are:

  • DOST-DOKAR Document Type
  • DOST-DOKNR Document number
  • DOST-DOKVR Document Version
  • DOST-DOKTL Document Part
  • DOST-STLNR Bill of material
  • DOST-STLAL Alternative BOM

SAP BOM Category for Functional Location (PM)

SAP BOM Functional Location Tcodes

  • IB11 Create Functional Location BOM
  • IB12 Change Functional Location BOM
  • IB13 Display Functional Location BOM
  • IB15 Change FunctLocation BOM Group
  • IB16 Display FunctLocation BOM Group
  • IB17 Create FunctLoc. BOM Plant Assignmnt
  • IB18 Change FunctLoc. BOM Plant Alloc.
  • IB19 Display FunctLoc. BOM Plant Alloc.

SAP BOM Document Main Table

The main SAP Table for BOM representing a standard BOM is TPST (Link Between Functional Location and BOM)

The main field for TPST are:

  • TPST-TPLNR Functional Location
  • TPST-WERKS Plant
  • TPST-STLNR Bill of material
  • TPST-STLAL Alternative BOM


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