SAP CRM Data Model Diagram in PDF and JPG

SAP CRM Data Model Diagram can be useful when trying to retrieve data for SAP CRM Tables in other way than using BOL programming language.
In this post, you will find two SAP CRM Data diagram helping understanding the relationship between the main SAP CRM Tables.

SAP CRM Data Model PDF

This file is compiled and created by Gert-Jan Stolmeijer. (Thank you for this huge effort)

It represents the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Data model with keys to link between different SAP CRM Table. (The table description is in German).

You can download the file here

SAP CRM Data Model Diagram in PNG

This is another excellent SAP CRM Data Diagram in an image format.
You can zoom easily to the section of SAP CRM Tables you are interested in.

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You can download the file here:

SAP CRM Data Model Diagram


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