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SAP PM Tables relationship Diagram (PDF)

SAP PM Tables Relationship will help you go through the complex SAP Tables landscape of SAP PM.
Here the SAP PM Tables relationship with fields Join between relevant tables.

SAP PM Main Tables Join

The list of SAP PM Table groups covered by the diagram

SAP PM Tables Keys
Equipment Tables EQUNR
Functional Locations ILOAN
Measurement Document MPOBJ
Maintenance Notification QMNUM
Service Notification QMNUM)
Maintenance and Service Orders AUFNR)
Maintenance Plan WARPL

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SAP PM Tables relationship PDF

I find the following picture of relationship between SAP PM Tables with keys and relations.
It is very interesting if trying to get some specific data.

You can also download the Diagram of SAP PM Main Tables ( the same as the picture ) in PDF.
(PS: I didn’t make the PDF, all right for the owner of the email in PDF )

SAP PM Tables RelationShip

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