SAP VIM Main Tcodes by Topics : Part 2

SAP VIM Main Tcodes Part 2 is the second and final part of SAP OpenText VIM ( Vendor Invoice Management ) Tcodes / Transactions . It covers SAP tcodes for /OPT/VIM_IMG* and some of others important VIM transactions.

SAP VIM Main Tcodes Starting with /OPT/VIM_IMG*

The Vendor Invoice management Tcodes starting with /OPT/VIM_IMG* are for Customizing and setting up the VIM solution with the business requirement.
For example, the /OPT/VIM_IMG216 allow to configure the Image Display Function.
The path for this tcode is
LiveLink VIM – Configuration > PO Based Invoice Configuration > Parked Invoice Processing Configuration > Technical Configuration > Image Display > Image Display Function.

Tcodes Description
/OPT/VIM_IMG121Preprocess (Exit) Function
/OPT/VIM_IMG122Workflow Admin – DP
/OPT/VIM_IMG123Maintain Dynamic Columns – DP
/OPT/VIM_IMG201Data Collection FM IMG
/OPT/VIM_IMG202Allowed Document Types
/OPT/VIM_IMG203Allowed Plants
/OPT/VIM_IMG207PO Parking PSS Subscreens
/OPT/VIM_IMG208Option Order Constant
/OPT/VIM_IMG209Binding FM Config – PSS Step LIX
/OPT/VIM_IMG210Binding FM Config – T-Code Task
/OPT/VIM_IMG211Autopost – Exit FM
/OPT/VIM_IMG212Autopost – Exit Cash Discount Rule
/OPT/VIM_IMG214Autopost – Exit Post PSS Method Park
/OPT/VIM_IMG215Autopost – Exit Pre PSS Method Park
/OPT/VIM_IMG216Autopost – Exit – Park Document Post
/OPT/VIM_IMG217Autopost – Config – Post process wf
/OPT/VIM_IMG218Image Display Function Exit
/OPT/VIM_IMG220Data Collection Function – PIR
/OPT/VIM_IMG221Autopost – Config – Post process wf
/OPT/VIM_IMG222Pre-process wf Non PO
/OPT/VIM_IMG223Post-process wf Non PO
/OPT/VIM_IMG224Non PO Parking PSS Subscreens
/OPT/VIM_IMG225PSS Step Exits Non PO
/OPT/VIM_IMG226T-Code Step Binding Exits Non PO
/OPT/VIM_IMG227Autopost Exit – Non PO Parking
/OPT/VIM_IMG228Post PSS Method Exit Non Po
/OPT/VIM_IMG229Pre PSS Method Exit Non Po
/OPT/VIM_IMG230Parked Document Post Exit Non PO
/OPT/VIM_IMG231Allowed Doc Types Non PO
/OPT/VIM_IMG232Allowed Plants Non PO
/OPT/VIM_IMG233Image Display Function Exit
/OPT/VIM_IMG234Parallel Workflow Exit
/OPT/VIM_IMG237Dynamic Column Config (PO Parking)
/OPT/VIM_IMG238Dynamic Column Config (Non PO)
/OPT/VIM_IMG239Event Linkage for Processes (Non PO)
/OPT/VIM_IMG241Event Linkage for Processes (Non PO)
/OPT/VIM_IMG242BTE for Non-Po Invoice Parking
/OPT/VIM_IMG301PO Blocked Line PSS Subscreens
/OPT/VIM_IMG302Autopost – Exit Post PSS Method Bloc
/OPT/VIM_IMG303PO Blocked Header PSS Subscreens
/OPT/VIM_IMG304Send back functionality exit
/OPT/VIM_IMG305PSS Step Exits Blocked Invoices
/OPT/VIM_IMG306T-Code Step Binding Exits Blocked Hd
/OPT/VIM_IMG307Header Level Db Task
/OPT/VIM_IMG309Multi Language Workitem Text Maint
/OPT/VIM_IMG310Dynamic Column Config (PO Blocked)
/OPT/VIM_IMG311Event Linkages (PO Blocked)
/OPT/VIM_IMG401Event Linkage Terminate App. WF
/OPT/VIM_IMG403Custom Approver Class (Exit)
/OPT/VIM_IMG405Custom Usermap Class (Exit)
/OPT/VIM_IMG409Custom Invoice Class (Exit)
/OPT/VIM_IMG412Resubmit for App. Action Code (Exit)
/OPT/VIM_IMG416Empty Coding Message
/OPT/VIM_IMG417Credit Memo Document Type
/OPT/VIM_IMG418Default Invoice List
/OPT/VIM_IMG419Coder Default Actions
/OPT/VIM_IMG421Rejection Reason
/OPT/VIM_IMG422Supported Currency / Language
/OPT/VIM_IMG423Display Image Exits
/OPT/VIM_IMG424Invoice Approval Configuration
/OPT/VIM_IMG428Usermap Data Source (Exit)
/OPT/VIM_IMG429Usermap Modify (Exit)
/OPT/VIM_IMG430Usermap Web Id (Exit)
/OPT/VIM_IMG431Approver Reassign Utility
/OPT/VIM_IMG432Approver Reassign Utility
/OPT/VIM_IMG433Approver Reassign Utility
/OPT/VIM_IMG434Approver Reassign Utility
/OPT/VIM_IMG435Approver Reassign Utility
/OPT/VIM_IMG436PAI Exit for IE Monitor Report
/OPT/VIM_IMG437PBO Exit for IE Monitor Report
/OPT/VIM_IMG438PBO Exit for IE Monitor Report
/OPT/VIM_IMG439Approver Reassign Utility
/OPT/VIM_IMG440Approver Reassign Utility
/OPT/VIM_IMG441Approver Reassign Utility
/OPT/VIM_IMG900Credit Memo Document Type
/OPT/VIM_IMG901Credit Memo Document Type
/OPT/VIM_IMG902Credit Memo Document Type

SAP VIM Main Tcodes Miscellaneous

This part covers the missing part of SAP VIM tcodes.
It regoups SAP Tcodes for  Mailing, license, Year Ending, Summary Report …

Tcodes Description
/OPT/VIM_INIT_PROCMaintain initialization procedure
/OPT/VIM_KPA1VIM Key Process Analytics
/OPT/VIM_KPA_CFGMaintain "KPA" related constants
/OPT/VIM_KPIStart KPI Web Dashboard
/OPT/VIM_KPI_CFGMaintain KPI related constants
/OPT/VIM_LICENSELicense Report © Open Text Corp.
/OPT/VIM_LOGSYSDefine Logical Systems
/OPT/VIM_LOG_CFGTransaction to Configure Log Levels
/OPT/VIM_LOG_SYSDefine Logical Systems
/OPT/VIM_MAIL_DPSend email to DP processor
/OPT/VIM_MAIL_PSSSend email to unblock Quantity/Price
/OPT/VIM_MAPVExternal System Data Mapping
/OPT/VIM_MEND_NPOYear end program for NonPO based Inv
/OPT/VIM_MEND_POYear end program for PO based Inv
/OPT/VIM_PAS_DETPosted Approval – Determination
/OPT/VIM_POLPO Line Determination
/OPT/VIM_POL_CFGMaintain "PO Line" related constants
/OPT/VIM_PROD1VIM Productivity Report
/OPT/VIM_PROEXIT_CFGMaintain "Preprocess Exit" constants
/OPT/VIM_RETRYMaintain the Retries & Time Limit
/OPT/VIM_ROLETESTVIM – Role Test Utility
/OPT/VIM_RPT_DATA_LDInitial Data Load for VIM Report
/OPT/VIM_RPT_SYNCSynchronization Job for VIM Analytic
/OPT/VIM_SLDSystem Landscape Directory
/OPT/VIM_SR_POINTMapping of Initializition procedures
/OPT/VIM_SSF_LAUNCHLaunch Transaction: CRM SSF support
/OPT/VIM_STR_DETShip-To-Region Maintenance
/OPT/VIM_SUMMSummary Report
/OPT/VIM_SUMMCONFIGSummary Rep Maintenanc Configuration
/OPT/VIM_SYS_ACTIVSingle System Baseline Activation
/OPT/VIM_SYS_DETMaintain System Determination ID
/OPT/VIM_T005Country settings for VIM
/OPT/VIM_T123Define Logical Systems
/OPT/VIM_TAX_PROTax – Province Relationship
/OPT/VIM_TEST_ACTIONVIM option testing tool
/OPT/VIM_TEST_UTutility program
/OPT/VIM_UPGRADEVIM Configuration Upgrade Tool
/OPT/VIM_VALROLE_CFGMaintain Validator Role Constants
/OPT/VIM_VAL_ERR_CFGMaintain Validate on Mapping Errors
/OPT/VIM_WF_TMPL_CFGmaintain Workflow Template constants

Check the SAP VIM Transaction Code Serie:


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