SAP QM Tables

Important SAP QM Tables (Quality Management)

Important SAP QM Tables by Functionality (Quality Management ): PM Object Location and Account Assignment table – ILOA, Plant Maintenance: Partners table – IHPA … Functional Location. SAP tables list are classified by Business Topics. The list is completed with Other Objects which are none SAP QM exclusive but are used in SAP QM.

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Most Important SAP QM Tcodes (Quality Managmeent Transaction Codes)

I tried in this article to compile the commonly used SAP QM Tcodes. The Standard Reports (tcodes) are classified by Business topics you can easily navigate through. The topics covered here are: SAP QM Tcodes for Quality Planning SAP QM Tcodes for Quality Inspection The SAP QM Transaction Codes for Quality Certificates SAP Tcodes for Quality…

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SAP Tcodes Workbench: ABAP Workbench Tcodes

SAP Tcodes workbench : The ABAP Workbench is a collection of tools you use to develop, test and run ABAP programs. The following section is an overview of the tools available for performing different development tasks. 

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SAP CRM Resources: Books and Courses

In order to enter the world of SAP CRM (or Customer Relationship Management), here some helpful SAP CRM resources you can start with including the link to sap help portal, some interesting books and a a couple of elearning courses on SAP CRM Tutorial.

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SAP PM Equipment Creation Explained – General Data (1)

Before Creating Equipment Work Centers in SAP, let’s start by SAP PM Equipment Creation: Equipment is an individual and physical object that is maintained as an autonomous unit. Maintenance history and cost can be tracked historically. This article is an step by step tutorial to creation an equipment in SAP PM.