SAP Currency

Discover How SAP Currency is managed and stored in SAP

SAP Currency will regroups the important topics needs to know about Currency in SAP. It covers SAP Currency Tcodes, Currency Tables, how to check and convert Currency and other miscallenous topics about SAP currency.

SAP Workflow Transactions, List WorkItems by User

The Most important SAP Workflow Transactions List: Troubleshooting and Development

SAP Workflow Transactions’ post regroups the list of the most important SAP Transactions for Workflows. The SAP Workflow Transactions is divided into two block: SAP Workflow transaction for Workflow Troubleshooting and Workflow Development. Finally, a Picture version is included if you want to have a print version of the SAP WF Tcodes. 

SAP PM Main Tcodes, SAP PM Main BAPI,SAP PM Main Tcode,create Notification; IE01 / IE02 Exit, SAP Notification Status; SAP Equipment Exit; IE01; IE02; SAP PM Tables relationship, SAP PM Equipment Creation

SAP Equipment Exit, BTE and BADI for SAP Tcodes IE01/IE02

SAP Equipment Exit: Customize the business processing for the SAP Equipment Tcodes IE01  IE02 : this post will details the different option to enhance SAP Equipment creation and modification Exit: User Exit, BADI and BTE event.