The full list of important SAP BW Tables (Business Intelligence Warhouse Tables)

The full list of important SAP BW Tables (Business Intelligence Warhouse Tables)

In this article, we will list the most used SAP BW Tabes (Business Intelligence Warehouse Tables). In order to simplify this list, we will divide the list into SAP BW Tables by topics such us: Transfer Structure Tables, Update Rules, InfoPackage, Queries, Workbooks, InfoObject, InfoCube Tables , DataSource, InfoSource tables …

SAP BW Tables

SAP BW Tables for Transfer Structure

SAP Tables Description
RSTSTransfer Structure List
RSTSFIELDTransfer Structure fields
RSTSRULES Transfer Structure rules
RSAROUTTText name of Transfer Routine
DD03TText for R/3 Transfer structure Objects

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SAP BW Tables for Update Rules

SAP Tables Description
RSUPDROUTUpdate rules List
RSUPDDAT  Update rules with routines
RSUPDKEY   Update rule key fields
RSUPDINFOInfoProvider to Infosource correlation

Embedded ABAP coding for Transfer / Update Rules

SAP Tables Description
RSAABAPABAP source code per object routine

InfoPackage Tables in SAP BW

SAP Tables Description
RSLDPIOLinks datasource to infopackages
RSLDPIOT InfoPackage Text Description
RSLDPRULEABAP source code for InfoPackages
RSLDPSEL  Hardcoded selections in InfoPackages
RSMONICDPContains the request-id number by data target
RSPAKPOSList of InfoPackage Groups / InfoPackages


SAP Tables Description
RSEVENTCHAIN  Event Chain Processing Event Table
RSEVENTHEAD   Header for the event chain
RSEVENTHEADT   Header for the event chain
RSPCCHAINProcess chain details
RSPCCHAINATTR Attributes for a Process Chain
RSPCCHAINEVENTS Multiple Events with Process Chains
RSPCCHAINT Texts for Chain
RSPCCOMMANDLOGSystem Command Execution Logs (Process Chains)
RSPCLOGCHAIN Cross-Table Log ID / Chain ID
RSPCLOGSApplication Logs for the Process Chains
RSPCPROCESSLOGLogs for the Chain Runs
RSPCRUNVARIABLES Variables for Process Chains for Runtime
RSPC_MONITORMonitor individual process chains

Queries Tables in SAP BW

SAP Tables Description
RSZELTDIRDirectory of the reporting component elements
RSZELTTXTTexts of reporting component elements
RSZELTXREFDirectory of query element references
RSRREPDIRDirectory of all reports (Query GENUNIID)
RSZCOMPDIRDirectory of reporting components
RSZRANGESelection specification for an element
RSZSELECTSelection properties of an element
RSZELTDIRDirectory of the reporting component elements
RSZCOMPICAssignment reuseable component < -> InfoCube
RSZELTPRIOPriorities with element collisions
RSZELTPROPElement properties (settings)
RSZELTATTRAttribute selection per dimension element
RSZCALCDefinition of a formula element
RSZCELQuery Designer: Directory of Cells
RSZGLOBVGlobal Variables in Reporting
RSZCHANGESChange history of reporting components


SAP Tables Description
RSRWBINDEXList of binary large objects (Excel workbooks)
RSRWBINDEXTTitles of binary objects (Excel workbooks)
RSRWBSTOREStorage for binary large objects (Excel workbooks)
RSRWBTEMPLATEAssignment of Excel workbooks as personal templates
RSRWORKBOOKWhere-used list for reports in workbooks

Web templates

SAP Tables Description
RSZWOBJStorage of the Web Objects
RSZWOBJTXTTexts for Templates/Items/Views
RSZWOBJXREFStructure of the BW Objects in a Template
RSZWTEMPLATEHeader Table for BW HTML Templates


SAP Tables Description
 RSDIOBJ Directory of all InfoObjects
RSDIOBJTTexts of InfoObjects
RSDIOBJ  Directory of all InfoObjects
RSDIOBJTTexts of InfoObjects
RSDATRNAVNavigation Attributes
RSDATRNAVTNavigation Attributes
RSDBCHATRMaster Data Attributes
RSDCHABASBasic Characteristics
RSDCHA Characteristics Catalog
RSDDPAData Package Characteristic
RSDIOBJCMPDependencies of InfoObjects
RSKYF Key Figures
RSDTIMTime Characteristics

InfoCube Tables in SAP BW

SAP Tables Description
RSDCUBE Directory of InfoCubes
RSDCUBETTexts on InfoCubes
RSDCUBEIOBJObjects per InfoCube (where-used list)
RSDDIMEDirectory of Dimensions
RSDDIMETTexts on Dimensions
RSDDIMEIOBJ InfoObjects for each Dimension (Where-Used List)
RSDCUBEMULTIInfoCubes involved in a MultiCube
RSDICMULTIIOBJMultiProvider: Selection/Identification of InfoObjects
RSDICHAPROCharacteristic Properties Specific to an InfoCube
RSDIKYFPROFlag Properties Specific to an InfoCube
RSDICVALIOBJInfoObjects of the Stock Validity Table for the InfoCube

Aggregates Tables in SAP BW

SAP Tables Description
RSDDAGGRDIRDirectory of Aggregates
RSDDAGGRCOMPDescription of Aggregates
RSDDAGGRTText on Aggregates
RSDDAGGLTDirectory of the aggregates and texts

ODS Object

SAP Tables Description
RSDODSODirectory of all ODS Objects
RSDODSOTTexts of all ODS Objects
RSDODSOIOBJInfoObjects of ODS Objects
RSDODSOATRNAVNavigation Attributes for ODS Object
RSDODSOTABLDirectory of all ODS Object Tables

PSA Tables in SAP BW

SAP Tables Description
RSTSODS Directory of all PSA Tables

DataSource (= OLTP Source)

SAP Tables Description
ROOSOURCE  Header Table for SAP BW DataSources (SAP Source System/BW System)
RODELTAMBW Delta Procedure (SAP Source System)
RSOLTPSOURCEReplication Table for DataSources in BW


SAP Tables Description
RSIS Directory of InfoSources with Flexible Update
RSISTTexts on InfoSources with Flexible Update
RSISFIELDInfoObjects of an InfoSource

Communications Structure

SAP Tables Description
RSKSCommunications Structure for InfoSources with Flexible Update
RSKSCommunications Structure (View) for Attributes for an InfoSource with Direct Update
RSKSFIELDTexts on InfoSources with Flexible Update
RSISFIELDInfoObjects of an InfoSource with Flexible Update

Transfer Structure

SAP Tables Description
RSTSTransfer Structure in SAP BW
ROOSGENGenerated Objects for a DataSource


SAP Tables Description
RSISOSMAPMapping Between InfoSources and DataSources (=OLTP Sources)
RSOSFIELDMAPMapping Between DataSource Fields and InfoObjects


SAP Tables Description
RSBSPOKESELSETInfoSpoke Directory and Selection Options
RSBSPOKEVSELSETInfoSpoke Directory with Selection Options and Versioning
RSBSPOKEList of all InfoSpokes with attributes maintained
RSBSPOKETList of all InfoSpokes with the Short
RSBSTEPIDMESSContains all the messages that have been recorded during the execution of an InfoSpoke

SAP BW Statistics

SAP Tables Description
RSDDSTATBasic Table for InfoCubes/Queries
RSDDSTATAGGRDetail Table for Aggregate Setup
RSDDSTATAGGRDEFDetail Table of Navigation for each InfoCube/Query
RSDDSTATCONDInfoCube Compression
RSDDSTATDELEInfoCube Deletions
RSDDSTATWHMWarehouse Management

Other useful SAP BW Tables

In this part, you will find a list of interesting and useful SAP Tables in BW.

SAP Tables Description
RSFECBW Frontend Check. Useful for checking the installed SAP GUI versions on user machines.
RSSELDONEInfoPackage selection and job program
RSPSADELPSA Table deletion
TBTCPJob Schedule Definition
TBTCOJob Schedule Result
RSMONMESSMonitor Messages
RSERRORLOGCheck loading errors in table
V_RSZGLOBVReport Variables view table
DEVACCESSDeveloper Keys table
TSTCAll Transactions in the system
RSDDAGGRDIRDirectory of the aggregates
ROIDOCPRMSControl parameters for data transfer from the source system
SMEN_BUFFCObjects in User's Favorites
TSTCTTransaction Codes with Text
DD03Lfield names and corresponding data element names
DD03LTDescription of each data element
DD02LAll SAP Defined Table Names
DD02LTDescription of All SAP Defined Table Names

SAP BW Tables for Web Item

SAP Tables Description
RSZWITEMHeader Table for BW Web Items
RSZWMDITEMBW Web Metadata: Template Item ( Dataprovider& Item& … ).
RSZWITEMXREFCross Reference of Web Items
RSZWMIMEIOBUFFERBuffer for Translation MIME Rep. to IO
RSZWOBJStorage of the Web Objects
RSZWOBJTXTTexts of Templates/Items/Views
RSZWOBJXREF Structure of the BW Objects in a Template
RSZWTEMPLATE Header Table for BW HTML Templates

Archiving Tables in SAP BW

SAP Tables Description
RSARCHIPROBW Archiving: General Archiving Properties
RSARCHIPROIOBJBW Archiving: General Archiving Properties
RSARCHIPROLOCBW ARchiving: General Local Properties
RSARCHIPROLOCSELBW Archiving: Archived Data Area
RSARCHIPROPIDBW Archiving: Program References of InfoProvider
RSARCHREQBW Archiving: Archiving Request
RSARCHREQFILESBW Archiving: Verfified Archive Files
RSARCHREQSELBW Archiving: Request-Selections

Open Hub Destination

SAP Tables Description
RSBOHSERVICETPOpen Hub: Service Types
RSBREQUESTDELTAOpen Hub: Cross Reference Outbound/Inbound
RSBREQUESTMESSOpen Hub: Log for a Request
RSBREQUIDOpen Hub: Requests
RSBREQUID3RDOpen Hub: Status of 3rd Party Requests
RSBREQUIDRUNOpen Hub: Table with Status for a Request
RSBSTRUCTUREOpen Hub: Generated Structures and Tables

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