The most used SAP WM BAPI, Function Modules and User-Exits

In this article, we will list the 4 main SAP WM BAPI for Warehouse TraIf you are looking for the full list of SAP WM BAPI, check the following article aboutnsfer and Stock Data. The 2 first BAPI let you retrieve the list and the detail of Warehouse Transfer Order Data. The next 2 BAPI can…


What is the difference between SAP BI and SAP BW ?

SAP BI and SAP BW are the same solution ? Let’s try to answer this question. First, we will define what’s SAP BW is a couple of sentense. Then let’s check the difference between SAP BW and SAP BI. Finally, let’s answer an other question about the difference between SAP BW and SAP BO.

SAP BW Tables

The full list of important SAP BW Tables (Business Intelligence Warhouse Tables)

In this article, we will list the most used SAP BW Tabes (Business Intelligence Warehouse Tables). In order to simplify this list, we will divide the list into SAP BW Tables by topics such us: Transfer Structure Tables, Update Rules, InfoPackage, Queries, Workbooks, InfoObject, InfoCube Tables , DataSource, InfoSource tables …

SAP BW Overview

SAP BW Overview – All what you need to know to start with SAP BW

Starting with SAP BW, here an short SAP BW Overview to get the big picture of SAP Business intelligence warehouse solution before you dig deeper. This article will cover a short defintion, BW Architecture, BW Extractors, Modeling in SAP BW, Reporting in BW and some useful ressources to check.

SAP WM Tutorials; SAP WM Main Tables; SAP WMS BAPI;SAP BOM Category, SAP WM Tables

SAP WMS BAPI and Exits

SAP WMS BAPI: list of most used SAP BAPI in SAP WM ( Warehouse Management ) is compiling in this post. You will find also the User-exit for the common transaction in Warehouse management.   SAP WMS BAPI for Transfer Requirements Transfer requirements are used to pass on information on goods movements that are posted inInventory…

SAP WM Tutorials; SAP WM Main Tables; SAP WMS BAPI;SAP BOM Category, SAP WM Tables

The Most Important SAP WM Tables (SAP Warehouse Management)

SAP WM Tables regroups the most used SAP Tables in SAP Warehouse Management. All WM tables are classified by topics in order to easily identify the right table you need. It will covers the following SAP WM topics:  Transfer requirement, Transfer order,Inventory Documents ,Storage Loc and stocks