SAP BW Overview – All what you need to know to start with SAP BW

SAP BW Overview

Starting with SAP BW, here an short SAP BW Overview to get the big picture of SAP Business intelligence warehouse solution before you dig deeper.

This article will cover a short defintion, BW Architecture, BW Extractors, Modeling in SAP BW, Reporting in BW and some useful ressources to check.

SAP BW Overview

SAP NetWeaver BW is huge topic to cover but I am trying to design all my blogs in such way that they will provide answers to many queries which are running in your mind as beginner.

Business data plays key role in shaping company overall strategy. All fortune 500 companies care a lot about their own business data

Now a days as companies are expanding their business globally, the volume of data which any company needs in day today business, for developing future strategy is increasing day by day.

So in this kind of situation application, tool and technology which will take care of company data plays key role. SAP BW is the solution which many companies already decided to invest in.

As data volume is increasing day by day so to resolve related performance issue we have SAP HANA in place which is combination of hardware and software which will provide base architecture for BW.. SAP BW on HANA is reality in today’s world.

SAP BW Skill Demand

There are quite good demand in market for SAP BW skill set and in my opinion it will remain for next couple of years, till date these entire new products(like HANA) will get stabilize in market.

Anyways in any technology to stay in business you need to acquire knowledge about upcoming new technologies, new versions, updates and all which have potential to affect your current technology demand.

In case BW is also same. As there are many new technologies, products are in line which are related BW and have potential to affect BW demand like HANA, BI, BO and all.

SAP BW Overview: SAP BW architecture

Extraction in SAP BW

“This part of BW is all about extracting needed data from different source system. Source system can be ECC system, any other ERP, Files and all. There are different types of extractor and related knowledge will help you in extracting correct data.

It involves complex logic related to delta mechanism, LO cockpit and all.. Data retrieval is one of the data warehousing processes in SAP.

SAP provides mechanisms for retrieving data (master data, transaction data, metadata) from various sources. You can differentiate as to whether the SAP BW is the target or the source of the data transfer:

If data from various sources is retrieved from various sources for transfer into a SAP BW system, the SAP BW system is the target of the data transfer.

If the data from SAP BW is retrieved for distribution within the SAP BW or for distribution into analytical applications or other applications, the SAP BW system is the source or hub in relation to data transfer.”(source)

In order to learn more about extractor, check Different Types of SAP BW Extractors Explained: Content Vs Generic Extractors

SAP BW Overview: Modeling in SAP BW

“This Part of BW is very important because in this you will create data model by using different objects like info-object, infoSource, datasource, DSO, Cube, Multi-provider, etc. DTP and transformation also comes into the picture.

It required good knowledge about all these objects because every object has its own advantage and different process of working. If you know all of them you will be able to build robust data model.

Writing routine is also part of modeling. Routines can be field level, start or end routine. Along with this you will need knowledge about of PSA, all modeling objects, DTP, transformation.”(source)

SAP BW Overview: Reporting in SAP BW

“This part of BW deals with actual reporting skills where you actually build queries using BEx or BI, BO and use it to display reports for end users.

SAP BW uses BEx tool

SAP BW uses BEx tool (Business explore) for reporting purpose.

The Business Explorer is the SAP Business Information Warehouse component that provides flexible reporting and analysis tools for strategic analyses and decision-making support within a company.

These tools include query, reporting, and analysis functions.

You can use BEx Information Broadcasting to distribute Business Intelligence content from SAP BW by e-mail either as precalculated documents with past data, or as links with live data. You can also publish it to the Enterprise Portal.

The Business Explorer

The Business Explorer gives a large spectrum of users access to the information in SAP BW: Using the Enterprise Portal, using the Intranet (Web Application Design) or using mobile devices (WAP or iMode-enabled mobile telephones, Personal Digital Assistants).

Now a days BI and BO is also in market which many companies are considering for advance anlysis and many new advance features” (source)

SAP BW Online Courses

In other to have a precise SAP BW Overview or start learnig , you may chekc my selection of top SAP BW training (udemy)