Sap Sales Organization Overview (Tables, Definition, Tcodes and SAP SD Sales Org)

Sap Sales ORrganization

This post will give you a deep technical overview of Sap Sales Organization. First we will start with some definition, then SAP Sales Organization Tables and Tcodes.

Finally, you will find some interesting tips for Sales Organization in SAP.

SAP Sales Organization Definition

What is a sales organization?

Let’s start for the beginning and try to answer the following question What is a sales organization?

“Sales organization is a structured framework, specifying the formal authority and responsibility among persons working in the organization.

It consists of a group of individuals working to achieve selling objectives to increase sales, maximizing profits, expanding market share etc.” (source)

Sales Organization in SAP

  • Legally, a sales organization is included in exactly one company code.
  • You assign sales offices and your own employees to a sales organization.
  • All items in a sales & distribution document, that is, all items of an order, delivery or a billing document belong to a sales organization.

Definition of SAP Sales Group

The definition of sales groups is optional. You can use the SD system without creating sales groups.
⇾ You can assign a sales group to one or more sales offices. (source)

SAP Sales Office

The definition of sales offices is optional. You can use the SD System without creating sales offices.
⇾ You assign a sales office to one or more sales areas.

If you want to go deeper of how to customize Sales Organization in SAP, check this link.

SAP Sales Organization Tcodes and Tables

SAP Sales Organization Tcodes

Some of the most important Tcodes for SAP Sales Organization are:

  • OVX3 Company code ⇾ sales organization SD
  • OVXA Division ⇾ sales organization SD
  • OVB1 Sales organizations – Rebate SD
  • OVX3N Company code ⇾ sales organization SD
  • OVXAN Division ⇾ sales organization SD

SAP Sales Organization Tables

Here the list of main SAP Sales Organization Tables

  • T001W Plant / sales organization
  • TVKO Sales organization / company code
  • TVKOV Distribution channel / sales organization
  • TVKOS Division to sales organization
  • TVKWZ Plants to sales organization

Useful Tips for SAP Sales Organization

How to find the mapping between R/3 Sales Org and CRM Org Unit

If you want to get the mapping between R/3 Sales Org Mapping with CRM Org Unit, check the following Tables:

SAP Tables Description
CRMC_SORG_R3ORGMapping for sales orgs
CRMC_SORG_R3OFFsales offices R/3 & CRM
CRMC_SORG_R3GRPMapping for sales groups
CRMC_SEORG_R3MNPservice orgs / maintenance plant

Mapping between R/3 Sales Org and CRM Org Unit

If you prefer using SAP function modules, you may check the following SAP FM to find the mapping between ECC and CRM Sales Organization, Sales Group and Sales Office

SAP FM Mapping R/3 & CRM

SAP Table for sales org and plant assignment

The SAP Standard Tables TVKWZ ( or V_TVKWZ_ASSIGN) stores the information for SAP Sales Org and Plant Assignment.

Actually, Plant is assign to Company code and not sales organization, but sales organization and distribution channel is assign to plant and the same you can get in

SPRO > Enterprise Structure > Assignment > Sales and Distribution > Assign sales org. Distribution channel plant.

Source: Table for sales org and plant assignment