List of Main SAP Security Transaction Codes ( Security Tcodes in SAP )

SAP Security Transaction Codes

Starting with Security in SAP, you may consider the following list of main SAP Security Transaction Codes including Security management in SAP for People and Process.?

SAP Security Tcodes

To keep sample, here the list of SAP Security Transaction Codes :

SAP Tcodes Description
PFCGFor maintaining role using profile generator.
PFUDFor Comparing User master in Dialog.
RZ10Profile configuration
RZ11Maintain profile parameters
SCC8Data exhange happens at operating system level
SCC9For data exchange over the network and remote client copy between clients in different systems.
SCCLFor Local Client Copy on same system between different clients.
SE43Maintain and display Area Menus
SE84Information System for SAP R/3 Authorizations
SECRAudit Information System
SM01For locking the transaction from execution.
SM02System Messages
SM04User Overview
SM12Display and Delete Locks
SM13Display Update Records
SM19Security audit – configuration.
SM20Security audit – reporting.
SM21System Log
SM30For creation of table authorization groups and for maintaining assignments to tables
SM35Batch Input Monitoring
SM50Work Process Overview
SM51List of SAP Servers
SM59Display/Maintain RFC Destinations
SMLGMaintain Logon Group
ST01System Trace
ST02Setups/Tune Buffers
ST05Performance trace
ST11Display Developer Traces and error log files
ST22ABAP/4 Runtime Error Analysis
STMSTransport Management System
SU01To create and maintain the users.
SU01DTo Display Users
SU02For Manual creation of profiles.
SU03For Manual creation of authorization.
SU05Maintain Internet Users
SU10For mass maintenance.
SU20Lists down?the authorization fields.
SU21Lists the Object classes and authorization objects.
SU24For Maintaining Check Indicators and for Maintaining templates.
SU25For initial Customer table fill.
SU3For setting Address and default parameters.
SU53To display last authority check that failed
SU56Display User buffer
SUGRMaintain User groups
SUIMUser Information System
SUPCFor generation of Mass profile

Source: List of ABAP-transaction codes related to SAP security

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