The Most Important SAP WM Tables (SAP Warehouse Management)

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SAP WM Tables regroups the most used SAP Tables in SAP Warehouse Management. All WM tables are classified by topics in order to easily identify the right table you need.

It will covers the following SAP WM topics: Transfer requirement, Transfer order,Inventory Documents ,Storage Loc and stocks

SAP WM Tables for Transfer requirement

This is a document that serves to plan goods movements using the Warehouse Management System (WMS).

By differentiating between the planning and execution of a goods movement, you can recognize immediately whether a goods movement needs to be still executed (transfer requirement is open), is currently being executed (transfer order is created), or is completed ( transfer order is confirmed).

Transfer Requirement Description
LTBKTransfer requirement – header
LTBPTransfer requirement – item

SAP WM Tables for Transfer order

Document used for executing goods movements with the help of Warehouse Management (WM). Logical, physical goods movements or stock changes can be the basis for a transfer order.

These include:
Picks /Putaways /Posting changes /Repacking /Inventory

Transfer Order Description
LTAKTransfer order – header
LTAPTransfer order – item

SAP WM Tables for Inventory document

The main tables for Inventory Document in SAP WM ( Warehouse Management) are:

Inventory Doc. Description
IKPFHeader: Physical Inventory Document
ISEGPhysical Inventory Document Items
LINKInventory document header in WM
LINPInventory document item in WM
LINVdata of inventory per quant

SAP WM Tables : Storage locations and stocks

The important tables in SAP WM for Storage Locations and Stoks in Warehouse Management are:

Stock & Stor. Loc Description
LAGPStorage bins
LEINStorage unit header records
LQUABTotal quant counts for certain strategies
MEIKMake-to-Order Stock for Customer Order
MSCASales Orders on Hand with Vendor
MSKASales Order Stock
MBPRStock at Production Storage Bin
MLGNMaterial Data per Warehouse Number
MLGTMaterial Data per Storage Type

Source : Warehouse Management System (WMS)

SAP WM Main Tables Hint

It was just some tables within the SAP WMS Data model mention above.

In order to find easily the full list of SAP WM tables, go to DDIC through SE11.

In the search help (F4), enter LVS is the development Class … and enjoy 🙂