SAP WMS BAPI and Exits

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SAP WMS BAPI: list of most used SAP BAPI in SAP WM ( Warehouse Management ) is compiling in this post. You will find also the User-exit for the common transaction?in Warehouse management.

SAP WMS BAPI for Transfer Requirements

Transfer requirements are used to pass on information on goods movements that are posted inInventory Management (MM-IM) to the Warehouse Management System (WMS). You can, however, also use transfer requirements for the following purposes:

  • To initiate goods movements in WMS
  • To initiate material replenishment for production storage bins in the production supply areas using the Production Planning (PP) component
  • To call up transfer requirement reports in order to get an overview of all pending goods movements

Get the full definition of Transfer Requirement from

Function module for Transfer Requirements

Function Module?Description
L_TR_CREATE_CHECK Plausibility checks
L_TR_CREATE_UPDATE Database updates according to plausibility checks
L_TR_CREATE Plausibility checks and database updates
L_TR_CANCEL Cancel plausibility checks and database updates

User-Exit for Transfer Requirements

in SAP WM, the enhancement or custom exit for TR ( Transfer Requirement) can be done in:

    • this custom exit?allows to influence the selection of transfer requirements for the automatic creation of transfer orders.
    • This SAP WM exit?allows you to influence the selection of transfer requirements for the automatic creation of multiple transfer orders using groups.

SAP WMS?BAPI for Transfer?Order

The transfer of stock using a stock transport order has the following advantages over the transfer of stock without a stock transport order:

  • A goods receipt can be planned in the receiving plant.
  • You can enter a vendor (freight vendor) in the stock transport order.
  • Delivery costs can be entered in the stock transport order.
  • The stock transfer order is part of MRP: Purchase requisitions that were created in MRP can be converted into stock transport orders.
  • The system can run an availability check for the stock transfer.

Check more information on Transfer Order in SAP WM

Function module for Transfer?Order

Function Module?Description
L_TO_CREATE_SINGLECreate a transfer order with one item
L_TO_CREATE_MULTIPLECreate a transfer order with two or more items
L_TO_CREATE_MOVE_SUCreate a transfer order to move a storage unit
L_TO_CREATE_MOVE_LSRInitiate a stock transfer of storage units from an external system
L_TO_CREATE_TRCreate a transfer order for a transfer requirement
L_TO_CREATE_DNCreate a transfer order for a delivery
L_TO_CONFIRMConfirm a transfer order
L_TO_CONFIRM_SUConfirm a transfer order for a storage unit
L_TO_CANCELCancel a transfer order
L_TO_CANCEL_SUCancel a transfer order for a storage unit
L_REF_CREATECreate transfer orders using multiple processing
L_TO_CREATE_2_STEP_PICKINGCreate transfer orders for 2-step picking
L_TO_CREATE_POSTING_CHANGECreate transfer orders for posting changes

User-Exit for Transfer Order

In order to implement custom logic for Creating and confirming TO, you can use one of the following Custom-exit within a project :

Customer exitDescription
MWMTO001Update own data after creating transfer orders
MWMTO002Update own data after confirming transfer orders
MWMTO003Customer-defined putaway strategy
This task allows you to create and implement your own putaway strategy.
MWMTO004Customer-defined picking strategy
MWMTO005TO-related underdelivery (shortage)
MWMTO006Storage-bin-related overdelivery
MWMTO007Palletization and storage type search for putaway
MWMTO008Storage type search for picking
MWMTO009Prevents deletion of TO items

Source:?Function Modules and Customer Exits in WMS