The Full list of SAP S/4HANA Tcodes

The Full list of SAP S4HANA TCodes, SAP S/4HANA Tcodes

Here the full list of SAP S/4HANA Tcodes or Transaction Codes.
As the list is quite long, it is divided by prefix for easy navigation.

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SAP S/4HANA Tcodes /AIF/*

Here the list of SAP S/4HANA Tcodes starting with /AIF/*

/AIF/28000002Define Actions
/AIF/28000003Define Checks
/AIF/28000004Define Recordtypes
/AIF/28000006Define Fix Values
/AIF/28000007Define Value Mappings
/AIF/28000008Define Interface
/AIF/28000009ALV Handles for DDIC Structures
/AIF/28000010Define Structure Mapping
/AIF/28000011Define Hash Tables
/AIF/98000053Define Proxy Class
/AIF/98000061Define Interface Variants
/AIF/98000062Define Interface Key Fields
/AIF/98000063Define Interface Variants
/AIF/98000064Assign/Define Actions
/AIF/98000082Define Business Systems

The other part of SAP S/4Hana Transaction Code starting with /AIF/ is:

/AIF/CORRECTIONSCorrection Report
/AIF/CUST_COPYAIF Customizing Copy
/AIF/CUST_FUNCDefine Custom Functions
/AIF/CUST_HINTSDefine Custom Hints
/AIF/CUST_LINKDefine Custom Data Links
/AIF/CUST_SMAP_COPYCopy customizing
/AIF/CUST_TEXTDefine Custom Message Texts
/AIF/DEL_STRUC_CACHEDelete Structure Cache
/AIF/DOCUInterface Documentation Tool
/AIF/EDCHANGESError Handling Changes Log
/AIF/ERRMonitoring and Error Handling
/AIF/ERR_BASEError Handling Base
/AIF/GENMSGSNAPAIF Generate Snapshot
/AIF/IDOC_GENIDoc Structure Generator
/AIF/IDOC_MASS_GENMass IDoc Struc. and Intf. Generator
/AIF/IDXTBLIndex Table Overview
/AIF/IF_TRACEAIF Interface Trace Level
/AIF/IFBInterface Builder
/AIF/IFMONInterface Monitor
/AIF/IFTESTInterface Test Tool
/AIF/LFA_CHECK_SENDRead Files from folder; Send to AIF
/AIF/LOGInterface Logs
/AIF/MSG_CAT_ASGNAssign Message Category
/AIF/MSG_CAT_DEFDefine Message Category
/AIF/MSGNOTIMessage overview notification
/AIF/MYRECIPIENTSRecipients of Current User
/AIF/NEWDEVPROAIF New Development Projects
/AIF/PERFORMANCEPerformance Tracking
/AIF/PERS_CGRRuntime Configuration Group
/AIF/PERS_DELTcode for message deletion report
/AIF/PERS_DEL_AUTHAuthorization View for Message Delet
/AIF/PERS_TBL_GENAIF: Table Gen. for Structured Pers.
/AIF/PERS_TESTTest Persistence with Flight Booking
/AIF/RECIPIENTSRecipients of a User
/AIF/REP_AC_ASGNAIF Reprocessing Action Assignment
/AIF/REP_AC_DEFAIF Reprocessing Action Definition
/AIF/RFC_FUNC_GENRFC Function Generator
/AIF/RFC_MASS_GENMass RFC Function Generator
/AIF/SERIAL_INDEXManual Change of External Index
/AIF/SHOW_BLOCKFile Adapter Log
/AIF/TEST_BUPABusiness Partner XML Test
/AIF/TEXT_HINTSTransport Text of Hints
/AIF/TJ_CONFIGConfigure Data Transfer
/AIF/TOPICDEFAIF Topic Definition
/AIF/TOPICSTATUSMaintain Topic ID Status
/AIF/TOPICSTATUSHALLAIF Topic Status Complete History
/AIF/TRANSFERTransfer into AIF persistence
/AIF/USERATTRMaintain User Attributes
/AIF/USERMGRSwitch Topic ID (Topic ID View)
/AIF/USERMGR2Switch Topic ID (User ID View)
/AIF/VMAPValue Mapping
/AIF/VMAP_BASEBase Transaction for Value Mappings
/AIF/VPNMaintain Validity Periods
/AIF/WET_CONFIGConfigure Event Trigger
/AIF/WET_GENEvent Trigger Structure Generator
/AIF/WET_INF_CONFIGConfigure Interface-Specific Trigger
/AIF/WET_PRXY_CONFIGConfigure Proxy-Specific Trigger
/AIF/XML_COMPRESSCompress existing XML Messages
/AIF/XML_RESTARTRestart failed XML messages
SAP S/4HANA Tcodes

SAP S/4HANA Tcodes /AIFX/*

Here the list of SAP S/4HANA Tcodes starting with /AIFX/*

/AIFX/ERR_WEBMonitoring and Error Handling (Web)

SAP S/4HANA Tcodes /AIF/*

Here the list of SAP S/4HANA Tcodes starting with /AIF/*

/ATL/6111_CONVConvert FinKey/FuncArea to 6111 Code
/ATL/6111_HEADERDetermine Fields for Form 6111 Hdr.
/ATL/A00Asset Accounting Indexing
/ATL/A01Maintain reval. dep. area
/ATL/A10Investment Grant Report
/ATL/A15Depreciation Convertion
/ATL/A16Saving periodic values
/ATL/A17Last Period Posted
/ATL/A20Base Index Calculation
/ATL/AA_APR_DOCInvestment center – Investment plan
/ATL/AA_ICRInvestment center – Execution report
/ATL/ACCOUNTTYPEaccount type for uniform reporting
/ATL/ALLOWED_CHARAllowed daybook&check number
/ATL/ARDATETakeover date definition
/ATL/BANK_PARMCheck Bnk acc. parm.
/ATL/BOOKDBook depreciation report
/ATL/BOOKGCapital gain for book use S/4HANA
/ATL/CHCKUPD_RESCheck&upd. residue for bank acc.num.
/ATL/CHECK_CCARDCheck credit card numbers
/ATL/CHECK_DIGITAdd/Check digit
/ATL/CLAdds israeli public holydays
/ATL/DCKPCheck Payment Method for Bank Recon.
/ATL/DOCTYPEdocument’s type SAP vs.Tax authority
/ATL/DQQ9Reconciliation rules
/ATL/F6111_EXPORTExport 6111 File
/ATL/F6111_IMPORTImport G/L Amounts to Form 6111
/ATL/F6111_INPUTUpload 6111 File
/ATL/F6111_MANAGEForm 6111 Field Mapping
/ATL/FIBPMaintain FI/BP ind. for Bank Recon.
/ATL/FORECForeclosures Maintenance
/ATL/FORGDForeclosures Global Data
/ATL/FORUPDForeclosure – payment amount update
/ATL/GL01Index Master
/ATL/GL02Calculation Method
/ATL/GL03Calculation Version Assignment
/ATL/GL04Calculation Version
/ATL/GLRCalculation Rules
/ATL/GLVIndex Values
/ATL/GLVAImport Index Value
/ATL/HEB_DATEChange Gregorian date to Hebrew date
/ATL/IC_CLASSAsset classification
/ATL/IC_PARInvestment programs
/ATL/ILS_LEDGERILS Ledger per Company code
/ATL/KP02Return pmnt to customer
/ATL/KP03Return cheque from bank
/ATL/KP04General cashier table
/ATL/KP05Allowed pmnt metods for transfer
/ATL/KP06Subject table for cashier
/ATL/KP07Cashier Balances Report
/ATL/KP08Declaring cashier amounts
/ATL/KP09Cheque report
/ATL/KP10Credit Card report
/ATL/KP11Table of credit card companies
/ATL/KP12Cashier physical location table
/ATL/KP13Table of credit types
/ATL/KP14Table of credit cards deal types
/ATL/KP15Print incoming payment receipt
/ATL/KP16Addition info to house bank table
/ATL/KP17Transfer of cash payments
/ATL/KP18Bank deposit of cash payments
/ATL/KP19Transfer defered cheque to regular
/ATL/KP20Cashing defered cheque
/ATL/KP22Create files to the bank
/ATL/KP23Transfer of payment
/ATL/KP24Bank Deposit of defered cheque
/ATL/KP25Deposit of Credit Card
/ATL/KP26Report of transfer/bank deposit pmnt
/ATL/KP27Update reference of bank deposit pmt
/ATL/KP28Incoming payment entry
/ATL/KP30Manual maintenance
/ATL/KP31Create restrick account table
/ATL/KP32Update restrick account table
/ATL/KP33Cheque control against acc. restrict
/ATL/KP34Delete restrick account table
/ATL/KP35Chasier System Parameters
/ATL/KP36Cashier payment methods table
/ATL/KP38Cashier statement
/ATL/KP39Cashier Balances and transactions
/ATL/KP40Table of incoming pymt entry type
/ATL/KP41Bank deposit of cheque payment
/ATL/KP42Cashier Transactions Report
/ATL/KP43Restore a receipt
/ATL/KP44Reverse bank deposit cheque payment
/ATL/KP45Request & Answer files
/ATL/KP46Request & Answer files structures
/ATL/KP47Credit card interface messages
/ATL/KP48Credit card interface log
/ATL/KP49SHVA currency type
/ATL/LCHK_VBNKAResidue & account length maintain.
/ATL/MAT_MTYPEClassification of movement type
/ATL/NOADJAdjusted year Y/N
/ATL/PCN874New VAT file
/ATL/PNCHPositive/negative changes report
/ATL/REVINInitialization – Revaluation
/ATL/SD_DOCUMENTCustomizing table for SD documents.
/ATL/SPELL_AMOUNTSpell amount example
/ATL/SUPDSupplementary depreciaiton report
/ATL/TAX_PERTax percentage
/ATL/TAXDTax depreciation report
/ATL/TAXGCapital gain for tax use
/ATL/TAXUTax reserves (US$)
/ATL/TEKEN_19Tax reserve report – Teken 19
/ATL/TRAN_TYPETransactions type
/ATL/TRESTax reserves report
/ATL/UNIFILES_UTILTransfer unifiles server => cliient.
/ATL/UPD_SHAAMFirst entry date in /atl/shaam
/ATL/UPLOAD_CUSTTABUpload data into customizing tables
/ATL/UVBNSD – Set invoice number range
/ATL/VAT_TRANKEYVat transaction keys maintenance
/ATL/VATRECT1NewVAT-classification of record type
/ATL/VATRECT2NewVAT-classification of record type
/ATL/VATRECT3NewVAT-classification of record type
/ATL/VBLOCKExplanation : block vendors process
/ATL/VK01_46Create Wihholding tax file
/ATL/VK02Mass update: Vendors Master Data
/ATL/VK03Update WT in open invoices
/ATL/VK04Update Ex.WT in open invoices
/ATL/VQ22Send File with Vendors to Shaam
/ATL/VQ23Receive File with percent from Shaam
/ATL/VQZ10Withholding Tax Return parameters
/ATL/VQZ11Withholding Tax Returns – Invoice
/ATL/VQZ12Classical WT:Update to previous code
/ATL/VQZ2Classical WT:Update expired tax code
/ATL/VQZ4Maintain WT recipient type
/ATL/VQZ5Extended WT:Update exemption rate
/ATL/VQZ6Maintain secondary currency
/ATL/VQZ7Maintain Shaam % for Ex.WT type&code
/ATL/VQZ9Tools for VAT file & Wthd.Tax File
/ATL/WT_REPORT_2008Create Withholding tax file for 2008