The Full list of SAP S4/HANA TCodes

Here the full list of SAP S/4 Hana Tcodes or Transaction Codes.
As the list is quite long, it is divided by prefix for easy navigation.

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SAP S4/HANA Tcodes /AIF/*

Here the list of SAP S4/HANA Tcodes starting with /AIF/*

/AIF/28000001 Define Namespace
/AIF/28000002 Define Actions
/AIF/28000003 Define Checks
/AIF/28000004 Define Recordtypes
/AIF/28000006 Define Fix Values
/AIF/28000007 Define Value Mappings
/AIF/28000008 Define Interface
/AIF/28000009 ALV Handles for DDIC Structures
/AIF/28000010 Define Structure Mapping
/AIF/28000011 Define Hash Tables
/AIF/98000053 Define Proxy Class
/AIF/98000061 Define Interface Variants
/AIF/98000062 Define Interface Key Fields
/AIF/98000063 Define Interface Variants
/AIF/98000064 Assign/Define Actions
/AIF/98000082 Define Business Systems

The other part of SAP S4/Hana Transaction Code starting with /AIF/ is:

/AIF/BDC_GEN Batch Input Structure Generator
/AIF/CORRECTIONS Correction Report
/AIF/CUST Customizing
/AIF/CUST_COPY AIF Customizing Copy
/AIF/CUST_FUNC Define Custom Functions
/AIF/CUST_HINTS Define Custom Hints
/AIF/CUST_LINK Define Custom Data Links
/AIF/CUST_SMAP_COPY Copy customizing
/AIF/CUST_TEXT Define Custom Message Texts
/AIF/DEL_STRUC_CACHE Delete Structure Cache
/AIF/DOCU Interface Documentation Tool
/AIF/EDCHANGES Error Handling Changes Log
/AIF/ERR Monitoring and Error Handling
/AIF/ERR_BASE Error Handling Base
/AIF/GENMSGSNAP AIF Generate Snapshot
/AIF/IDOC_GEN IDoc Structure Generator
/AIF/IDOC_MASS_GEN Mass IDoc Struc. and Intf. Generator
/AIF/IDOC_TEST Generate Test IDOCs
/AIF/IDXTBL Index Table Overview
/AIF/IF_TRACE AIF Interface Trace Level
/AIF/IFB Interface Builder
/AIF/IFMON Interface Monitor
/AIF/IFTEST Interface Test Tool
/AIF/LFA_CHECK_SEND Read Files from folder; Send to AIF
/AIF/LOG Interface Logs
/AIF/MSG_CAT_ASGN Assign Message Category
/AIF/MSG_CAT_DEF Define Message Category
/AIF/MSGNOTI Message overview notification
/AIF/MYRECIPIENTS Recipients of Current User
/AIF/MYTRANSPORTS AIF Transport Overview
/AIF/NEWDEVIDS AIF New Development IDs
/AIF/NEWDEVPRO AIF New Development Projects
/AIF/PERFORMANCE Performance Tracking
/AIF/PERS_CGR Runtime Configuration Group
/AIF/PERS_DEL Tcode for message deletion report
/AIF/PERS_DEL_AUTH Authorization View for Message Delet
/AIF/PERS_TBL_GEN AIF: Table Gen. for Structured Pers.
/AIF/PERS_TEST Test Persistence with Flight Booking
/AIF/RECIPIENTS Recipients of a User
/AIF/REP_AC_ASGN AIF Reprocessing Action Assignment
/AIF/REP_AC_DEF AIF Reprocessing Action Definition
/AIF/RFC_FUNC_GEN RFC Function Generator
/AIF/RFC_MASS_GEN Mass RFC Function Generator
/AIF/SERIAL_INDEX Manual Change of External Index
/AIF/SHOW_BLOCK File Adapter Log
/AIF/TEST_BUPA Business Partner XML Test
/AIF/TEXT_HINTS Transport Text of Hints
/AIF/TJ_CONFIG Configure Data Transfer
/AIF/TOPICDEF AIF Topic Definition
/AIF/TOPICSTATUS Maintain Topic ID Status
/AIF/TOPICSTATUSH AIF Topic Status History
/AIF/TOPICSTATUSHALL AIF Topic Status Complete History
/AIF/TOPICSTATUSINIT AIF Initialize Topic Status
/AIF/TRANSFER Transfer into AIF persistence
/AIF/USERATTR Maintain User Attributes
/AIF/USERMGR Switch Topic ID (Topic ID View)
/AIF/USERMGR2 Switch Topic ID (User ID View)
/AIF/VMAP Value Mapping
/AIF/VMAP_BASE Base Transaction for Value Mappings
/AIF/VPN Maintain Validity Periods
/AIF/WET_CONFIG Configure Event Trigger
/AIF/WET_GEN Event Trigger Structure Generator
/AIF/WET_INF_CONFIG Configure Interface-Specific Trigger
/AIF/WET_PRXY_CONFIG Configure Proxy-Specific Trigger
/AIF/XML_COMPRESS Compress existing XML Messages
/AIF/XML_RESTART Restart failed XML messages

SAP S4/HANA Tcodes /AIFX/*

Here the list of SAP S4/HANA Tcodes starting with /AIFX/*

/AIFX/START_TRANSACT Start Transaction
/AIFX/ERR_WEB Monitoring and Error Handling (Web)

SAP S4/HANA Tcodes /AIF/*

Here the list of SAP S4/HANA Tcodes starting with /AIF/*

/ATL/6111_CODE Define Field Codes
/ATL/6111_CONV Convert FinKey/FuncArea to 6111 Code
/ATL/6111_HEADER Determine Fields for Form 6111 Hdr.
/ATL/A00 Asset Accounting Indexing
/ATL/A01 Maintain reval. dep. area
/ATL/A10 Investment Grant Report
/ATL/A15 Depreciation Convertion
/ATL/A16 Saving periodic values
/ATL/A17 Last Period Posted
/ATL/A20 Base Index Calculation
/ATL/AA_APR_DOC Investment center – Investment plan
/ATL/AA_ICR Investment center – Execution report
/ATL/ACCOUNTTYPE account type for uniform reporting
/ATL/ALLOWED_CHAR Allowed daybook&check number
/ATL/ARDATE Takeover date definition
/ATL/BANK_PARM Check Bnk acc. parm.
/ATL/BOOKD Book depreciation report
/ATL/BOOKG Capital gain for book use
/ATL/CHCKUPD_RES Check&upd. residue for bank acc.num.
/ATL/CHECK_CCARD Check credit card numbers
/ATL/CHECK_DIGIT Add/Check digit
/ATL/CL Adds israeli public holydays
/ATL/DCKP Check Payment Method for Bank Recon.
/ATL/DOCTYPE document's type SAP vs.Tax authority
/ATL/DQQ9 Reconciliation rules
/ATL/F6111_EXPORT Export 6111 File
/ATL/F6111_IMPORT Import G/L Amounts to Form 6111
/ATL/F6111_INPUT Upload 6111 File
/ATL/F6111_MANAGE Form 6111 Field Mapping
/ATL/FIBP Maintain FI/BP ind. for Bank Recon.
/ATL/FOREC Foreclosures Maintenance
/ATL/FORGD Foreclosures Global Data
/ATL/FORUPD Foreclosure – payment amount update
/ATL/GL01 Index Master
/ATL/GL02 Calculation Method
/ATL/GL03 Calculation Version Assignment
/ATL/GL04 Calculation Version
/ATL/GLR Calculation Rules
/ATL/GLV Index Values
/ATL/GLVA Import Index Value
/ATL/HEB_DATE Change Gregorian date to Hebrew date
/ATL/IC_CLASS Asset classification
/ATL/IC_PAR Investment programs
/ATL/ILS_LEDGER ILS Ledger per Company code
/ATL/KP02 Return pmnt to customer
/ATL/KP03 Return cheque from bank
/ATL/KP04 General cashier table
/ATL/KP05 Allowed pmnt metods for transfer
/ATL/KP06 Subject table for cashier
/ATL/KP07 Cashier Balances Report
/ATL/KP08 Declaring cashier amounts
/ATL/KP09 Cheque report
/ATL/KP10 Credit Card report
/ATL/KP11 Table of credit card companies
/ATL/KP12 Cashier physical location table
/ATL/KP13 Table of credit types
/ATL/KP14 Table of credit cards deal types
/ATL/KP15 Print incoming payment receipt
/ATL/KP16 Addition info to house bank table
/ATL/KP17 Transfer of cash payments
/ATL/KP18 Bank deposit of cash payments
/ATL/KP19 Transfer defered cheque to regular
/ATL/KP20 Cashing defered cheque
/ATL/KP22 Create files to the bank
/ATL/KP23 Transfer of payment
/ATL/KP24 Bank Deposit of defered cheque
/ATL/KP25 Deposit of Credit Card
/ATL/KP26 Report of transfer/bank deposit pmnt
/ATL/KP27 Update reference of bank deposit pmt
/ATL/KP28 Incoming payment entry
/ATL/KP30 Manual maintenance
/ATL/KP31 Create restrick account table
/ATL/KP32 Update restrick account table
/ATL/KP33 Cheque control against acc. restrict
/ATL/KP34 Delete restrick account table
/ATL/KP35 Chasier System Parameters
/ATL/KP36 Cashier payment methods table
/ATL/KP38 Cashier statement
/ATL/KP39 Cashier Balances and transactions
/ATL/KP40 Table of incoming pymt entry type
/ATL/KP41 Bank deposit of cheque payment
/ATL/KP42 Cashier Transactions Report
/ATL/KP43 Restore a receipt
/ATL/KP44 Reverse bank deposit cheque payment
/ATL/KP45 Request & Answer files
/ATL/KP46 Request & Answer files structures
/ATL/KP47 Credit card interface messages
/ATL/KP48 Credit card interface log
/ATL/KP49 SHVA currency type
/ATL/LCHK_VBNKA Residue & account length maintain.
/ATL/MAT_MTYPE Classification of movement type
/ATL/NOADJ Adjusted year Y/N
/ATL/PCN874 New VAT file
/ATL/PNCH Positive/negative changes report
/ATL/REV Revaluation
/ATL/REVIN Initialization – Revaluation
/ATL/SD_DOCUMENT Customizing table for SD documents.
/ATL/SPELL_AMOUNT Spell amount example
/ATL/SUPD Supplementary depreciaiton report
/ATL/TAX_PER Tax percentage
/ATL/TAXD Tax depreciation report
/ATL/TAXG Capital gain for tax use
/ATL/TAXU Tax reserves (US$)
/ATL/TEKEN_19 Tax reserve report – Teken 19
/ATL/TRAN_TYPE Transactions type
/ATL/TRES Tax reserves report
/ATL/UNIFILES_UTIL Transfer unifiles server => cliient.
/ATL/UPD_SHAAM First entry date in /atl/shaam
/ATL/UPLOAD_CUSTTAB Upload data into customizing tables
/ATL/UVBN SD – Set invoice number range
/ATL/VAT_TRANKEY Vat transaction keys maintenance
/ATL/VATRECT1 NewVAT-classification of record type
/ATL/VATRECT2 NewVAT-classification of record type
/ATL/VATRECT3 NewVAT-classification of record type
/ATL/VBLOCK Explanation : block vendors process
/ATL/VK01_46 Create Wihholding tax file
/ATL/VK02 Mass update: Vendors Master Data
/ATL/VK03 Update WT in open invoices
/ATL/VK04 Update Ex.WT in open invoices
/ATL/VQ22 Send File with Vendors to Shaam
/ATL/VQ23 Receive File with percent from Shaam
/ATL/VQZ10 Withholding Tax Return parameters
/ATL/VQZ11 Withholding Tax Returns – Invoice
/ATL/VQZ12 Classical WT:Update to previous code
/ATL/VQZ2 Classical WT:Update expired tax code
/ATL/VQZ4 Maintain WT recipient type
/ATL/VQZ5 Extended WT:Update exemption rate
/ATL/VQZ6 Maintain secondary currency
/ATL/VQZ7 Maintain Shaam % for Ex.WT type&code
/ATL/VQZ9 Tools for VAT file & Wthd.Tax File
/ATL/WT_REPORT_2008 Create Wihholding tax file for 2008


Here the list of SAP S4/HANA Tcodes starting with /BGLOCS/*

/BGLOCS/FI_AA02 Book deprication plan
/BGLOCS/FI_ASSETS Balance Sheet – Assets (Bilateral F)
/BGLOCS/FI_BILAPL Profit and Loss Statement (BG)
/BGLOCS/FI_DISAV Activation of Cash Discount for CoCd
/BGLOCS/FI_DISDO Cash Disc. – Automatic Generation
/BGLOCS/FI_DISTX Assign Output Tax Code:Cash Discount
/BGLOCS/FI_LIABILI Balance Sheet – Liabilities (Bilat.)
/BGLOCS/FI_PL_EXPEN P+L Statement – Expenses (Bilateral)
/BGLOCS/FI_PL_REVEN P+L Statement – Revenues (Bilateral)
/BGLOCS/MAT_TRB Material Trial Balance for Bulgaria
/BGLOCS/V12 FI Invoice Document Setting
/BGLOCS/VAT_MARGIN VAT margin protocol BG
/BGLOCS/VEFU Foreign Trade: Add INTRASTAT Data
/BGLOCS/VEFUX INTRASTAT: Declarations -Add Entries
/BOPF/CONF_UI BOPF: Configure Business Object


Here the list of SAP S4/HANA Tcodes starting with /BSNAGT/*

/BSNAGT/FILE_MONI2 Test: Connector Monitor
/BSNAGT/LOG FSN Connector Log
/BSNAGT/UPLOAD_FILE Create FSN Message manually

SAP S4/HANA Tcodes /CCEE/*

Here the list of SAP S4/HANA Tcodes starting with /CCEE/*

/CCEE/14000174 Activate Revaluation
/CCEE/FISC_NR Number range maintenance: /CCEE/FISC
/CCEE/FISCBS Fiscalization Croatia: Send BS
/CCEE/FISCLOG Fiscalization Croatia: View Log
/CCEE/FISCSENDINV Fiscalization Croatia: Send Invoice
/CCEE/HR_GL_ACC_STMT G/L Account Statement for Croatia
/CCEE/HRFI_EC EC Sales & Purchase List (Croatia)
/CCEE/HRFI_RFUVDE00 Advance Return for Tax on Sal./Prch.
/CCEE/HRFI_UPD Update FI Billing Documents
/CCEE/RSFI_BILA Financial Statements Serbia
/CCEE/RSFI_CUSTOM Customs Declaration Report
/CCEE/RSFI_RFDUZI Calculate Interest on Arrears
/CCEE/RSFI_RFEBHALC Bank output – coversion to Multicash
/CCEE/RSFI_RFUVDE Advance Return for VAT – print
/CCEE/SIFI_CS_ACC_AS Account assignment to payment type
/CCEE/SIFI_CS_DT_AS Document type assignment
/CCEE/SIFI_CS_REP Cash Sales report
/CCEE/SIFI_CS_TC_AS Assign Tax Code to Rate
/CCEE/SIFI_POBOTI3 ePoboti: Receive XML
/CCEE/SIFI_POBXRF Define ref. field blocking reason
/CCEE/SIFI_SFR_CONV Bank of Slovenia – SFR conversion
/CCEE/SIFI_VAT_DATE VAT Due Date Migration Tool
/CCEE/SIFI_VATREPOST Input VAT decrease/increase
/CCEE/SIFI_ZDDV1 Evidence of payments and corrections
/CCEE/SIFIRFBELJ00 Bank of Slovenia – SFR reporting
/CCEE/XXFI_CDG Num.range maint.: /CCEE/CDG (obsol.)


Here the list of SAP S4/HANA Tcodes starting with /CEECV/*

/CEECV/BEFI_BAL Balance Sheet (Estonia)
/CEECV/BEFI_FRBEN Fringe Benefits (Estonia)
/CEECV/BEFI_PLSTA Profit & Loss Statement Estonia
/CEECV/BEFI_VAT Value-added Tax Return (Estonia)
/CEECV/BEFI_VATC VAT Return Customizing (Estonia)
/CEECV/BGFI_PROT Value-added Tax Protocol (Bulgaria)
/CEECV/BGFI_VAT Value-added Tax Return (Bulgaria)
/CEECV/BVFI_ADD_CRLF Latvia: Preprocess Bank Statem. File
/CEECV/BVFI_BAL Balance Sheet (Latvia)
/CEECV/BVFI_DELI_REG Delivery Note Register (Latvia)
/CEECV/BVFI_PLSTA Profit and Loss Statement (Latvia)
/CEECV/BVFI_PVN VAT Declaration (Latvia)
/CEECV/BVFI_PVN_MRG Latvia: PVN xml merge report
/CEECV/RO_GLT0 General Ledger – Initial balance fro
/CEECV/RO_RFM Import header texts
/CEECV/RO_XML Merge D205 xml files
/CEECV/ROFI_RGCBILA0 Consolidation Data Extract
/CEECV/ROFI11_XML Advance Return for VAT – print (XML)
/CEECV/ROFI16_O Trial Balance at pr.ctr.level-old GL
/CEECV/ROFI17 List of Vendor Line Items – law 1308
/CEECV/ROFI19 Export Files for FI
/CEECV/ROFIRFUVDE12 Print: Advance Tax Return 12 (RO)

SAP S4/HANA Tcodes /CPD/*

Here the list of SAP S4/HANA Tcodes starting with /CPD/*

/CPD/90000072 IMG Activity
/CPD/BILL_PLAN_NO_R Billing Plan Number Range Intervals
/CPD/CHK_ACT_NUM_RNG Number Range for Checklist Items
/CPD/CHK_NUM_RNG Number Range for Checklist Header
/CPD/MC_AUTO_CREATE Automatic Creation of Checklist Item
/CPD/PFP_PID_NR Financial Plan No. Range Intervals
/CPD/PWS_WS_ALT_REP E-mail Alerts Report
/CPD/TCPWS_ORGERP_CA Map Controlling Area
/CPD/TCPWS_ORGERP_PO Map Purchasing Organization
/CPD/TCPWS_ORGERP_SC Map Distribution Channel
/CPD/TCPWS_ORGERP_SD Map Purchasing Organization
/CPD/TCPWS_ORGERP_SO Map Sales Organization
/CPD/WI_NUM Number range editing: /CPD/WIUSR

SAP S4/HANA Tcodes /FTI/*

Here the list of SAP S4/HANA Tcodes starting with /FTI/*

/FTI/ALL All important programs
/FTI/BCO_MAINT BCO Maintenance
/FTI/EXT_SRV_MAINT Extended Service Maintenance UI
/FTI/EXT_SRV_MAINT_N Extended Service Maintenance UI
/FTI/FLP Finetuning Launchpad
/FTI/GEN_SERVICE generate OData Service
/FTI/LIST_UPL_SOLU List of Solutions with Instdata
/FTI/MAINT_BOE_FT_UI Maintain BusOrg Entity Finetuning UI
/FTI/MAINT_SERVICE Maintain Service
/FTI/ORG_STRUC_EXT Business Org. Structure extension
/FTI/SERV_TESTDATA Create testdata for OData service
/FTI/SERVICE_MAINT Service Maintenance UI
/FTI/SET_IMPL_PHASE Implementation Phase

SAP S4/HANA Tcodes /G*

Here the list of SAP S4/HANA Tcodes starting with /G*

/GRCPI/INFFLDEXCLUDE Fields to exclude from HR Trigger
/GSINS/NLGBA_RES Define Res. Period for NL GBA
/GSINS/OLR Define Res. Period for OLR
/GSINS/PSTRUN_RES Define Res. Period for Post.Run
/GSINS/TR_TRAMER XML File Generation TRAMER Reporting

SAP S4/HANA Tcodes /IAM/*

Here the list of SAP S4/HANA Tcodes starting with /IAM/*

/IAM/RESIDENCE_MAINT Maintain BO-Specific Residence Time
/IAM/SCHEDULE_REMIND Schedule Notifications Job

SAP S4/HANA Tcodes /IBS/*

Here the list of SAP S4/HANA Tcodes starting with /IBS/*

/IBS/16000015 IMG Activity
/IBS/72000433 IMG Activity
/IBS/72000434 IMG Activity
/IBS/95000012 Transaction
/IBS/RB_GATE_CLEAR Deletion Report for FVA Interface
/IBS/RB_REPORT_IPX IPX: Reporting Function
/IBS/RB_REPORTING RBD: Reporting Function
/IBS/RB_SHEETSUMMARY Print ECF Valuation Sheet

SAP S4/HANA Tcodes /IBX/*

Here the list of SAP S4/HANA Tcodes starting with /IBX/*

/IBX/72000311 IMG Activity
/IBX/72000331 IMG Activity
/IBX/72000333 IMG Activity
/IBX/CALCULATION Start Impairment Calculation
/IBX/COCKPIT IPX: Display Logs
/IBX/CUS_COMPARE Run Type-Based Process Comparison
/IBX/D_PP_CUS_DISP Display Process Customizing
/IBX/D_PP_WUL_DISP Where-Used List for Processing Group
/IBX/DATA_DELETE Deletion Report for Data Tables
/IBX/GENERATE IPX: Generate Comparison Class
/IBX/IC_ASSIGN Start Impairment Categorization
/IBX/IMP_CHNG Maintain Import Data
/IBX/IMP_DELETE Delete Import Data
/IBX/IMP_REFINE Refine Import Data
/IBX/IMPORT Import CSV Files
/IBX/MAIN IPX Main Dialog
/IBX/MIGRATION Start Migration
/IBX/PH_LOG_SHOW Display Application Log
/IBX/PROFILES IPX: Maint. Dialog Param. Profiles
/IBX/RAPI_DELETE Deletion Program RAPI
/IBX/RUN_PROT Extended Logging
/IBX/SELECTION Restrict Data Selection
/IBX/START Start Processing Run
/IBX/VALUA_COMPRESS Compression of Initial Valuations
/IBX/VALUA_DELETE Delete Open Valuations
/IBX/VALUA_TRANSFER Transfers Valuations in Update Run

SAP S4/HANA Tcodes /ILE/*

Here the list of SAP S4/HANA Tcodes starting with /ILE/*

/ILE/ANNFTA Maintain Annex Package to Deposit
/ILE/ANNX_VALUATION Aannexing Principal Valuation
/ILE/ANNXWGHT PO\Contracts for annex updates
/ILE/AT02 Transaction activities for annexing
/ILE/AT21 Annex Derived flow for principal
/ILE/B41P Customer Access Sequens
/ILE/B9UPD Update table /atl/tv01f
/ILE/BV98 Annexing reference report
/ILE/BV99 Annexing Program
/ILE/CAUD Annexing data from contract to PO
/ILE/HASHCAL_BCK Update new base date.
/ILE/INSERT_TZFB Insert value = 4 into tzfb-saufruf
/ILE/LOAN_COND_A Maintain annex.pack for loan cond.
/ILE/LOANDOCLINE Maintanece of table /ILE/loandocline
/ILE/MM_BLOCK Blocking Annexd Purchase docs change
/ILE/RE_INDEX_UPDATE Upd. RE Table w/Index & Exch. Rate
/ILE/REM_CAP_ANN_BAT Annexing loans remainig capital
/ILE/REM_CAP_GL_ACC Maintain Gl acc remaining capital
/ILE/SIMSD Simulation query for Sale Orders
/ILE/TANP Maintain Annexing Packages
/ILE/TMP2 Hide ann pack fields-purchas doc cat
/ILE/TQZ5 Maintain Annexd Purchase Order type
/ILE/TQZ6 Maintain translation date
/ILE/TVA5 Maintain Customer Access Sequence
/ILE/TVA6 Maintain Vendor Access Sequence
/ILE/UPDANN Update Annex Packages


Here the list of SAP S4/HANA Tcodes starting with /INCMD/* & /ISDFPS/*

/INCMD/ARCH INCMD: Prepare for XML Archiving
/INCMD/BATCH_UPLOAD Batch Upload for inc master data
/INCMD/FFFSGEN Generate FFF Subset
/INCMD/GRPNR Number range maintenance: /INCMD/GRP
/INCMD/ITMNR Number range maintenance: /INCMD/ITM
/INCMD/UI Maintenance of Interchageable groups
/INCMD/UPLOAD Upload trans. for inc master data
/ISDFPS/EQUI_STAT1 Logistical Mission Support
/ISDFPS/EQUI_STAT2 Personal/Functional Equipment
/ISDFPS/MAT_CONS_LOG Log for Mass Posting


Here the list of SAP S4/HANA Tcodes starting with /IWBEP/*

/IWBEP/BATCH_CONFIG Batch Parallelization
/IWBEP/CLEANUP_JOBS Manage Cleanup Jobs
/IWBEP/CONF_SERVICE Configuration for IWBEP services
/IWBEP/CRE_DEF_JOBS Create Default SAP GW Cleanup Jobs
/IWBEP/GLOBAL_CONFIG Global configuration settings
/IWBEP/V4_ADMIN SAP Backend Service Administration

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SAP S4/HANA Tcodes starting with /IWFND/

Here the list of SAP S4/HANA Tcodes

/IWFND/CRE_DEF_JOBS Create Default Cleanup Jobs
/IWFND/INIT_CCMS Initialize SAP Gateway CCMS Context
/IWFND/MED_SA_ACTIV Activate system alias based caching
/IWFND/ROUTING SAP Gateway Routing Configuration
/IWFND/SOFTSTATE Enable or Disable Soft State
/IWFND/STATS SAP Gateway Statistics
/IWFND/V4_ADMIN SAP Gateway Service Administration