Handling Files on Application Server in SAP: DATASET Statement and other Tips

This article introduces working with files on application server in SAP with ABAP.

Its covers the most used functions to Handle Files on Application Server in SAP with ABAP with ready to run ABAP program to handle file.

Files on application server in sap with DATASET functions


OPEN DATASET is for accessing files in a storage mode.
Filename should be the name of the file ( with path ) on application server.



FOR INPUT opens the file for reading.
if the file does not exist, the sy-subrc is set to 8.


FOR OUPUT opens the file for writing.

If the file exists, the content will be deleted and remplaced
If the file does not exist, the file will be created.


FOR APPENDING open the file for appending.

The new content will be added to the end of existing file or the file will be created if not exist.
sy-subrc = 4 will be triggered if appending is not successfull.


FOR UPDATE opens the file for changes to the existing content.


To handle file encoding, check this Abap Code Page

For the full documentation of OPEN DATASET, check this link


The Standard ABAP Statement READ DATASET exports data from the file specified in dset into the data object dobj.


ABAP Statement TRANSFER passes the content of data object dobj to the file specified in dset


DELETE DATASET deletes file on application service.
The file must open for output ( OPEN DATASET Filename FOR OUTPUT ) before deleting the file.

You CAN NOT delete the file unless you open the file for output.

More tools for handling Files on application server

File Functions

Function Description
RZL_READ_DIR Read directories of an application server
FMCT_DELETE_UNIXFILE Delete file on application server
SMUM_XML_PARSE Parse XML docment into a table structure
PFL_COPY_OS_FILE Move file on application
/SAPDMC/LSM_F4_SERVER_FILE Help Search for SAP application server folder selection
EPS_GET_DIRECTORY_LISTING Get list of files in folder/Directory in Application server
EPS_GET_FILE_ATTRIBUTES Get file details in SAP application server.

Read Application Server Directory in ABAP

In order to retrieve the list of all the directory in ABAP from Application server in ABAP, use the standard function module?RZL_READ_DIR.

An alternative to read application server Directory in ABAP is to use fm?EPS_GET_DIRECTORY_LISTING.

Application Server File with CL_RSAN_UT_APPSERV_*


Utility Class for Supporting Files on GUI/App Server

Method Description
F4_APP_SERVER F4 Popup for Application Server Name
F4 F4 Help for Choosing File Name from GUI or App. Server


Class Encapulating Block Reading from Application Server File

Method Description
FREE Free Resources
OPEN Open File
CLOSE Close File
READ Read Block of Lines


Class Encapulating Block Writing to App. Server File

Method Description
APPSERVER_FILE_WRITE Write Data to Specified File on Application Server
FREE Free Resources
OPEN Open File
CLOSE Close File
WRITE Write Block of Lines