Document Flow SAP SD and MM with Tcodes and Tables


Learn the main steps to create a sales order in SAP system (ECC).Easy SAP SD – Sales Order Process for end users.

This post deals with Document Flow SAP SD ( For Sales and Distribution ) and SAP MM ( for Material Management) .

It details the different SAP documents with Tcodes and SAP Tables. The main focus will be The Sales Order Process flow.

SAP Document Flow SAP SD : Sales and Distribution

Document Flow SAP SD start with Customer and Vendor Master Data.

Then Create Quotation from Inquiry Create Purchase Order or Sales Order And make Delivery and Billing.
Purchase Order?Process flow and Sales Order Process flow are :?

Document Flow for Inquiry / Document type IN

Inquiry is an internal document ( not legal ). It is a document to capture information about a request from customer with more details about materials and the quantity.

The big advantage of creating inquiry is to reduce any business overhead needed for completing the reply to customer.

It is the first step in Purchase Order / Sales Order process flow.

From the SAP Menu, Inquiry can be accessed by
SAP Menu->Logistics->Sales and Distribution->Sales->Inquiry->Create

Here the list of transactions and tables for Inquiry:

Tcode/Table Description
Tcode VA11 – VA12 – VA13
Tables VBAK – VBAP

Quotation / QT

A quotation presents the customer with a legally binding offer for delivering a product or providing a service within certain fixed conditions.

This offer is legally binding for the company within a specified time period.
A sales area can reply to a customer inquiry with a customer quotation or use it to refer to a business partner contact.

Quotation is different from Inquiry. ( for more detail, check this link?).

The SAP Tcodes and Tables for Quotation are:

Tcode/Table Description
Tcode VA21 – VA22 – VA23
Tables VBAK – VBAP

Purchase Order PO

A purchase order is a formal request or instruction from a purchasing organization to a vendor or a plant to supply or provide a certain quantity of goods or services at or by a certain point in time.

Tcode/Table Description
Tcode ME21 – ME22 – ME23
Tables EKKO – EKPO

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Sales Order OR

The Sales order, sometimes abbreviated as SO, is an order issued by a business to a customer. A sales order may be for products and/or services.

Given the wide variety of businesses, this means that the orders can be fulfilled in several ways. Broadly, the fulfillment modes, based on the relationship between the order receipt and production

Tcode/Table Description
Tcode VA01VA02VA03

Delivery LF

Find here the most important SAP Tcodes for Delivery LF and the Delivery LF Tables :

Tcode/Table Description
Tcode VL01VL02VL03

Billing MN

For Billing MN in SAP MN, the main SAP Tables and Transaction codes are:

Tcode/Table Description
Tcode VF01 – VF02 – VF03
Tables VBRK – VBRP

Vendor Master Data

Tcode/Table Description
Tcode Create XK01 – VK01
Tcode Change XK02 – VK02
Tcode Display XK03 – VK03
Table LFA1

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Customer Master Data

Customer Master Data is a requirement from partner processing.

Central Data can be managed by XD01/2/3 and Sales Data are managed by VD01/2/3.

Tcode/Table Description
Tcode Create XD01 – VD01
Tcode Change XD02 – VD02
Tcode Display XD03 – VD03
Table KNA1

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