SAP BusType : Business Object Type in SAP ECC and CRM

SAP BusType ( Object Type )

SAP BusType identifies Transaction Types for Business object.

Access Business Object

Transaction BAPI and search object by Hierarchy

Sales and Distribution -> Sales -> SalesOrder : BUS2032.
Materials Management -> Purchasing -> PurchasingInfo: BUS3003.

Navigate through hierarchy

Hierarchy of transactions like SWO2 or SWO3.
SWO2- Hierarchy
For Goods Movement, the Object Type is BUS2017.

In transaction SWO1

Development class/package is a selection field in F4 help (among others)


Business object repository: Basic data

Important SAP R/3 BusType

BusType Description
BUS1001R/3 Material
BUS1006Business Partner
BUS1006001Business partner employee
BUS1006002Business Partner Contact Person Relationship
BUS1006003Business Partner Employee Relationship
BUS1006004Business Partner Group Hierarchy
BUS1006006Business Partner Shareholder Relationship
BUS2012R/3 Purchase Order
BUS2032R/3 Sales Order
BUS2081R/3 Invoice

Important SAP CRM BusType

BusType Description
BUS2000108 Lead
BUS2000111 Opportunity
BUS2000112 Service Contract (service contracts &service contract quotations)
BUS2000115 Sales (sales orders & quotations)
BUS2000116 Service Process (service orders & service order quotations & … )
BUS2000120 Complaints
BUS2000121 Sales Contract
BUS2000223 CRM Service Request (service requests & incidents)

Somes others ressources

Delegation and Redefining methods of business object BUS1001

Adding attributes to a BOR Object

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