SAP License Table and Tcodes

SAP License Table; SAP Address

SAP License Table will list the SAP table used for storing the SAP User license information.
As bonus, in this post, you will find the standard tables for displaying the User?s license and ABAP/ BAPI helping getting the SAP user license tables.

SAP License Tcodes

The main SAP Tcode for Licenses is SLICENCE.
Check also the SU01 for User Group and the SAP Tcode USMM tcode

SAP License Table

SAP changes how SAP licenses are stored in SAP Tables.
Before the release 700 ? SAP Netweaver 2004?s, the SAP Table MLICHECK is used.
After this release, the new SAP license Table is SAP_LIKEY.
You can also check the user information table via USR006.

Let?s detail the license tables in SAP.

SAP License MLICHECK (old)

Only used from SAP BASIS/WEBAS 6,40 and below, MLICHECK table contains old SAP-licenses information. This table exists in all releases.
When upgrading to new version SAP version, the old SAP licenses do not expired.
You can check the new/old licenses via the SAP licenses Tcode SLICENSE.

The MLICHECK cannot be exported with R3trans but it can be transported via DB tools.

The Old SAP license can be only installed by command line with saplicense

SAP License SAPLIKEY (new)

The SAP new license table is SAPLIKEY.
SAPLIKEY contains the new SAP-license data and exists since Netweavers 2004s Release 700.
It cannot be exported or imported with R3trans.
SAP new license keys cannot be displayed or installed with command line saplicense.

The SAPLIKEY has 2 fields:

  • LIKEY: Key for an SAP License
  • VALUE:?Value (Parameter) for an SAP License

SAP License user type?USR06 & USGRP_TYPE

This table USR06 holds username and SAP license user Type assigned to the user.
The User groups are stored in USGRP_USER.

SAP BAPI for User

The standard BAPI?BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL gives some information for user’s Group Category.

Check this post about?SAP License Types and Guide