Undestand SAP License Types with PDF Guides for Licensing in SAP

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Sap License types post will help you understand the different kind/ type of license in SAP. In SAP, there are Basic License Types (named), Special License Type and Software engines.?

SAP License Types

First let’s starts with this quotation 🙂

“SAP licensing is one of the most complicated and complex license metrics currently faced by software asset management (SAM)”

SAP License type is a parameter to calculate the?sap license cost per user

SAP Basic License Types

SAP Basic License Types are 3 as following:

SAP license for Professional User

It is named licensed ( based on SAP username ). It enables to perform certain operational tasks like?system administration or system management type roles that are within the agreed license metrics.

Add to that, the user should also have assigned?the rights that are specified by the SAP Application Limited Professional User.

SAP license for?Limited Professional User

It is named SAP License. It allows the user to perform limited operational roles as defined by the software license.

SAP license for?Employee User

It is also named license. It allows Employee to perform individuals owned tasks.

SAP Special License Types

“Special license types can be defined by your organisation. This form of license isn?t considered ?official? as it is created by your local SAP Office, rather than SAP itself.”

Software Engines

“SAP engines are also known as SAP packages, and they are external components that are on offer to organisations should they need them.”

Source:?SAP Licensing Quick Guide 2015

SAP ERP License Guide

The most relevant document (PDF) when dealing with SAP license types is the?SAP Licensing Guide made by SAP for Buyes.

The First chapter of this SAP License Guide covers an overview of SAP ERP license:

  • An Overview Licensing Components ? Named User and Package Licenses
  • Modular Structure of SAP Software Licenses
  • Types of Licenses: Perpetual Versus Subscription Based
  • Database Licensing
  • Maintenance and Support

The next chapter deals with?Licensing SAP Software

  • Licensing SAP Applications
  • Licensing Analytics Solutions from SAP
  • Licensing Cloud Solutions
  • Licensing Mobile Solutions
  • Licensing Databases and Technology from SAP
  • Licensing Mixed Solutions

The last chapter is very used. In fact it describes some relevant SAP licensing scenarios such as:

  • Scenario 1: Need for Reliable, Integrated IT Infrastructure
  • Scenario 2: Enterprise Mobility
  • Scenario 3: SAP HANA with SAP Business Suite

Here the full SAP License for Buyes Guides:

SAP Business One License Types

A special SAP license types is for SAP Business One Suite.

In the following the table, find the SAP License comparison chart for SAP Business One User types:

( Source: http://softengine.com )

SAP license Table

After all this commercial stuff, let’s dive to more technical staff.
I have already write about the SAP license Types.

Check this post?SAP License Table?and find more information about SAP license User type.
SAP License Table will list the SAP table used for storing the SAP User license information.

As bonus, in this post, you will find the standard tables for displaying the User?s license and ABAP/ BAPI helping getting the SAP user license tables.

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