How to display ALV in PopUp Tutorial with simple ABAP code

The easiest way to display an ALV in PopUp is to use the standard function module REUSE_ALV_POPUP_TO_SELECT. The ALV can be editable also, so the ALV will help for example to select lines without a set of lines.


Dealing with PopUp in SAp, you may also want to check

REUSE_ALV_POPUP_TO_SELECT: List in dialog box to choose one or more entries (or display only)ABAP samples programs for ALV in Popup.

Display ALV in PopUp in ABAP


  • I_TITLE: Dialog box title
  • I_SELECTION: (X) = Selection possible, ( ) = Display
  • I_ALLOW_NO_SELECTION: Allow copy although nothing is selected
  • I_ZEBRA: Line output with alternating color
  • I_SCREEN_START_COLUMN: Coordinates for list in dialog box
  • I_SCREEN_START_LINE: Coordinates for list in dialog box
  • I_SCREEN_END_COLUMN: Coordinates for list in dialog box
  • I_SCREEN_END_LINE: Coordinates for list in dialog box
  • I_CHECKBOX_FIELDNAME: Output table checkbox field name
  • I_LINEMARK_FIELDNAME: Line selection color information field name
  • I_SCROLL_TO_SEL_LINE: Scroll to default selection if necessary
  • I_TABNAME: Table name with chosen values
  • I_STRUCTURE_NAME: Internal output table structure name
  • IT_FIELDCAT: Field catalog with field descriptions
  • IT_EXCLUDING: Table of inactive function codes
  • I_CALLBACK_PROGRAM: Name of the calling program
  • I_CALLBACK_USER_COMMAND: USER_COMMAND handling form routine name
  • IS_PRIVATE: Internal private use only
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Two parameters are available for export.
The first one is ES_SELFIELD and contains the  selection info for simple selection.
The second field is E_EXIT. This field is set to  ‘X’ when the action is Cancel by user.


The Table T_OUTTAB will contain the selection values to be displayed in the ALV in Popup.

ALV in PopUp ABAP sample

Here a sample ALV in Popup with ABAP to display a list of SFLIGHT.

You can also check the demo SAP ABAP Demo Programs to show the use of REUSE_ALV_POPUP_TO_SELECT.

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