How to find the Link Between Shopping Cart and PO in SAP SRM ?

How to find the Link Between Shopping Cart and PO in SAP SRM ? Discover the possible alternative to figure out the Shopping Carte related to PO in SAP SRM. I am presenting in this post 3 ways to get the link between Shopping Cart and PO ( Purchase Order ) in SAP SRM.

Link between Shopping Cart and PO : SAP SRM Tables


The first table to consider is BBP_PDBEI for Backend Specific Item Data. But first you need to get the PO’s item Guid.

The field  BBP_PDBEI-BE_OBJECT_ID ( Follow-On Document Object ID in Back-End System ).

Actually this table contains all the Follow-on document for SAP SRM Objects ( for example; Shopping Cart related to PO, Confirmation of PO …).

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You have two easy to get the Guid of the SAP SRM PO item.

  1. the ABAP way, query in SE16 the table CRMD_ORDERADM_I (Business Transaction Item)
    • GUID : gives the Item’s Guid
    • HEADER: gives the header’s Guid ( check CRMD_ORDERADM_H for Header Data )
    • NUMBER_INT: is the item’s number
  2. The second way is the standard SAP SRM Transaction code BBP_PD  for Document Display (EBP)
    • By the OBJECT_ID of the Shopping Cart or PO, you can nagivate to the item lines.

You may check:

Report BBP_BW_2

The Standard SAP Report BBP_BW_2 for Shopping Cart Monitoring gives all lot of information about Shopping Carts.
The output shows the list of

  • Shopping Carts
  • Transmission status of SC
  • Shopping Cart’s Following Document ( in this case, we are interested by the Purchase Order BUS2201).
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Use BBP_BW_2 without moderation, it can be helpfull in the most case.

Find Related Shopping Cart for PO Item: BAPI

The last alternative to find Sopping cart Follow-on PO items is to use the standard SAP BAPI BBP_PD_PO_ITEM_GETDETAIL.

I will start by the end, the Shopping Cart guid is retrieved in  E_ITEM-SRC_GUID. 

The Import Parameters for BBP_PD_PO_ITEM_GETDETAIL are:

  • I_GUID: Item Guid <- you need to fill only this field
  • I_ATTACH_WITH_DOC: Attachments incl. Dokument
  • I_HEADER_GUID: GUID of a CRM Order Object

The output contains all the details of PO Items including:

  • E_ITEM  : a structure for full detail of SAP SRM Object Item
  • ET_ATTACH: the list of item’s Attachment
  • E_ACCOUNT : item’s Account list
  • E_PARTNER : item’s Partners list
  • E_CONFIRM: Confirmation
  • E_LONGTEXT: Item’s Long Text
  • E_SDLN: this one is for Scheduling Delivery
  • E_LIMIT : the limit
  • E_ORGDATA : the SAP SRM Organizational Data
  • E_TAX: Taxes
  • E_PRIDOC: Pricing Document
  • E_ICF
  • E_TOL
  • E_MESSAGES : SAP SRM Obejct Message.
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To conclure, the easier way to find the related Shopping Cart for Item in PO within SAP SRM ( Supplier RelationShip Management), you have to deal with SAP SRM tables and Guid. The BAPI gives an interesting alternative.

Source: Table making direct link between shopping cart and PO



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