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Most Useful SAP EDI Transactions (SAP Idocs Tcodes) & SAP EDI Tables

SAP EDI Transactions: IDoc stands for intermediate document. Idocs are a standard data structure for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between application and SAP System.

In this article, you will find the most important Idocs Tcodes and the most usefull SAP Edi Tables to start you mastery journey with IDocs.


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SAP EDI Transactions and SAP IDoc EDI Tables

Useful SAP IDocs Tables / SAP EDI Tables

List of Main tables for SAP IDocs EDI ALE:
Idoc’s header data is stored in the table EDIDC.
Status of IDocs can be found in EDIDS table.
Idoc’s data are in EDID4 table. The data are stored in SDATA field. To retrieve the data in the segment format, create a structure typed as the segment type and make a write/move SDATA field to your structure.

Useful SAP IDocs Tcodes / SAP EDI Transactions

Let’s first introduce the main edi transaction codes groups ( or Menu )

SAP EDI Tcodes Function
SALE access IMG ALE Configuration root
SARA IDoc archive administration
BALE ALE Distribution Administration
WEDI ALE IDoc AdministrationWE05 IDoc overview

Under the previous menu you can access edi transaction codes to handle everything for SAP EDI/IDOC.

The main List of main SAP Idocs / EDI  Tcodes:

SAP EDI Transaction Description
WE07 IDoc statistics
WE20 manually maintain partner profiles
WE21 Ports in Idoc processing
WE47 edit IDOC status values
WE60 create IDoc documentation (IDOC header file)
SM59 Create RFC Destinations
SM58 Schedule RFC Failures
BD21 Create IDocs from change pointers
BD50 Activate Change Pointer for Message Type
BD52 Activate change pointer per change.doc object
BD53 Reduction of Message Types
BD55 Defining settings for IDoc conversion
BD56 Maintain IDOC Segment Filters
BD59 Allocation object type -> IDOC type
BD61 Activate Change Pointers & Globally
BD62 Define rules
BD64 Maintain customer distribution model
BD71 Distribute customer distribution model
BD79 Maintain rules
BD82 Generate Partner Profiles
BD87 Status Monitor for ALE Messages
BD88 Outbound IDoc reprocessing
BDM2 IDoc Trace
BDM5 Consistency check
BDM7 IDoc Audit Analysis

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Inbound and Outbound Idocs Status

Outbound IDocs status

SAP IDocs are managed by Status. Here the List of Outbound IDocs status

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SAP IDoc Statut Description
1 IDoc generated
2 Error passing data to port
3 Data passed to port OK
4 Error within control information of EDI subsystem
5 Error during translation
6 Translation OK
7 Error during syntax check
8 Syntax check OK
9 Error during interchange handling
10 Interchange handling OK
11 Error during dispatch
12 Dispatch OK
13 Retransmission OK
14 Interchange Acknowledgement positive
15 Interchange Acknowledgement negative
16 Functional Acknowledgement positive
17 Functional Acknowledgement negative
18 Triggering EDI subsystem OK
19 Data transfer for test OK
20 Error triggering EDI subsystem
21 Error passing data for test
22 Dispatch OK acknowledgement still due
23 Error during retransmission
24 Control information of EDI subsystem OK
25 Processing despite syntax error (outbound)
26 Error during syntax check of IDoc (outbound)
27 Error in dispatch level (ALE service)
28 Not used
29 Error in ALE service
30 IDoc ready for dispatch (ALE service)
31 Error – no further processing
32 IDoc was edited
33 Original of an IDoc which was edited
34 Error in control record of IDoc
35 IDoc reloaded from archive
36 Electronic signature not performed (timeout)
37 IDoc added incorrectly
38 IDoc archived
39 IDoc is in the target system (ALE service)
40 Application document not created in target system
41 Application document created in target system
42 IDoc was created by test transaction
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Inbound IDocs status

Here the full List of Inbound IDocs status in SAP :

Inbound IDoc Statut Description
50 IDoc added
51 Application document not posted
52 Application document not fully posted
53 Application document posted
54 Error during formal application check
55 Formal application check OK
56 IDoc with errors added
57 Test IDoc in other words Error during application check
58 IDoc copy from R/2 connection
59 Not used
60 Error during syntax check of IDoc (inbound)
61 Processing despite syntax error (inbound)
62 IDoc passed to application
63 Error passing IDoc to application
64 IDoc ready to be transferred to application
65 Error in ALE service
66 IDoc is waiting for predecessor IDoc (serialization)
67 Not used
68 Error – no further processing
69 IDoc was edited
70 Original of an IDoc which was edited
71 IDoc reloaded from archive
73 IDoc archived
74 IDoc was created by test transaction

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