SAP Info Record Table

SAP Info Record Table, Info Recort Tcodes and SAP Info Record Report

SAP Info Record Table, Tcodes and Report regroup all the important elements you need to know when you deal with Purchasing Info Record. First we will list the main Table for purchasing Info Record, then the list of important Infot record transaction code and finally, you will find the standard report for info Record. 

Purchase Info Record Definition

Let’s start by some definitions to introduce Purchase Info Record in SAP and Source List before listing tables, Tcodes and Report.

What’s SAP Purchase Info Record ?

“Serves as a source of information for Purchasing. The purchasing info record (also referred to in abbreviated form as the “info record”) contains information on a specific material and a vendor supplying the material. For example, the vendor’s current pricing is stored in the info record.
The info record allows buyers to quickly determine:

  • Which materials have been previously offered or supplied by a specific vendor
  • Which vendors have offered or supplied a specific material”

source Purchasing Info Record

What’s Source List in SAP ?

“The source list is used in the administration of sources of supply. It specifies the allowed (and disallowed) sources of a material for a certain plant within a predefined period. Each source is defined by means of a source list record. The source list serves:

  • To define a source of supply as “fixed”. Such sources count as preferred sources over a certain period of time.
    (For example, the fixed vendor for material 1 is Acme Corp. for the first quarter and Zenith Co. for the second quarter of the year.)
  • To define a source of supply as “blocked”.
    (This means, for example, that contract 123 may not be used for a certain period of time.)
  • As an aid in selecting the preferred source during the source determination process.
    (For example, the vendor Zenith Co. is determined as the source for an item of a requisition dated 15 th June relating to material 1.)
  • To block the external procurement of a material.
    (For example, material 1 may not be ordered from 01.01.98 to 12.31.98.)”
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Source Source List

SAP Info Record Table

The most important Purchasing Info Record Tables in SAP for Purchasing are:

Info Record tables Description
EINE Purchasing info record: Purchasing Organization Data MM
EINA Purchasing info record: General Data MM – Purchasing
EIPA Order Price History: Info Record
EORD Purchasing Source List
KONP Condition Item
KONH Condition Header
A017 Material Info Record (Plant-Specific)
A018 Material Info Record

Some Thoughts about the SAP Info Record Tables for Material Purchasing:

  • The main table for Info Record is EINE
  • EIPA stores the Info Record History
  • A017 / A018 and KONP table is used for enquiry & quotation records.
  • Neither EINE nor EIPA are the right table as they don’t keep the time-dependent pricing condition values

EINE Table Key Fields

The key fields for EINE Purchasing info record: Purchasing Organization Data MM are:

  • INFNR – Number of Purchasing Info Record
  • EKORG – Purchasing Organization
  • ESOKZ – Purchasing info record category
  • WERKS – Plant
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EINA Table important Fields

In EINA Purchasing info record: General Data MM – Purchasing, you will find the info record by

  • INFNR – Number of Purchasing Info Record
  • MATNR – Material Number
  • MATKL – Material Group
  • LIFNR – Vendor Account Number

Source List Tables in SAP : EORD

As noted above, the Source List Tables in SAP is EORD.
If you are looking for change of Source List, check both tables CDHDR and CDPOS for change document with key EORD.

The keys for EORD are:

  • MATNR – Material Number
  • WERKS – Plant
  • ZEORD – Number of Source List Record

SAP Info Recort Transaction

The most important Purchase Info Record Transaction codes in SAP are:

Info Record Tcodes Description
ME01 Maintain Source List
ME03 Display Source List
ME04 Changes to Source List
ME05 Generate Source List
ME06 Analyze Source List
ME07 Reorganize Source List
ME08 Send Source List
ME0M Source List for Material
ME11 Create Purchasing Info Record
ME12 Change Purchasing Info Record
ME13 Display Purchasing Info Record
ME14 Changes to Purchasing Info Record
ME15 Flag Purch. Info Rec. for Deletion
ME16 Purchasing Info Recs. for Deletion
ME17 Archive Info Records
ME18 Send Purchasing Info Record
ME1A Archived Purchasing Info Records
ME1B Redetermine Info Record Price
ME1E Quotation Price History
ME1L Info Records per Vendor
ME1M Info Records per Material
ME1P Purchase Order Price History
ME1W Info Records per Material Group
ME1X Buyer's Negotiation Sheet for Vendor
ME1Y Buyer's Negotiat. Sheet for Material

Source List Tcodes in SAP

The main Source List Transaction code for purchasing in SAP MM are:

SAP Info Record Tcodes for SAP QM ( Quality Management )

In SAP QM, the main tcodes for Info Record are:

Info Record tables Description
QI01 Create
QI02 Change
QI03 Display

Creation of Purchase Info Record

Logistics => Material Management => Purchasing => Master Data => Info Record => Create
TCode: ME11

Automatic Creation of Source List

Go to MM02 and select the Purchasing Tab. If you check the field “Source List”, Source List will be automatically created.

Manual Creation of Source List

Logistics => Material Management => Purchasing => Master Data => Source List => Maintain
TCode: ME01

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SAP Purchase Info Record Report

Using the SAP Info Record Tcodes above, you will be able to find the most fitted Report to your requirment.
Meanwhile, here some interesting purchase info record report in sap you may consider:

  • Standard Vendor Info Record Report (tcode ME1L)
  • ME1M – Display by material
  • ME1L  – Display by Vendor
  • ME1N – Display by Document Number

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