HTML Template in ABAP

HTML Template in ABAP is a powerfull to tool to save template for document, SAP long texts and email in HTML format in SAP. The SAP HTML Template contains more than the content with layout and data reference to generate dynamic Email and/or rich text. These fields will be replaced by the corresponding value.

SAP BOM tables

SAP BOM Tables for BOM Header, Items and components and Category

SAP BOM Tables details how SAP BOM ( Bill Of Material ) are stored in database. It helps understanding how to retrieve BOM Data or check Bill of Material Data. The article about bom table in sap will start with the important SAP BOM Tables then a short help how to retrieve SAP BOM Data.

SAP BOM, How to link STKO and STPO, SAP BOM

SAP BOM Main Tcodes

SAP BOM regroups all the main SAP PP BOM Tcodes to easy navigate to SAP BOM Functionality. The SAP Tcodes are grouped by topics: BOM Action, BOM Group, BOM Allocation, Standard & WBS BOM, Change Document for SAP BOM and Ranges customizing Tcodes.

SAP PS Module;SAP PS Tables,SAP IS Modules, SAP PS Notes

SAP PS Notes Important

SAP PS Notes: the most important SAP PS ( Projects Systems) Notes classified by Categories and sub-categories with others relevant SAP PS Notes .

SAP File, Download Files from AL11;ABAP Program for Application server File;How to zip a file using ABAP

Sample ABAP Program for Application server File

ABAP Program for Application server File is a sample SAP Custom Program to give you an example how file are handled on Application server.  The following ABAP program check if a file exists and create a new file on Application Server .

SAP File, Download Files from AL11;ABAP Program for Application server File;How to zip a file using ABAP

4 Alternatives to download files from AL11 in SAP

Download files from AL11  is common requirement for any SAP Consultant. In this guide, you will find different methods to ABAP Download files for Application server to Presentation server (locally) using Standard SAP Transaction Codes, SAP Standard Report, SAP Function module and Custom ABAP Report. 

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SAP Change Pointer Overview with Tcodes, Tables, Function and BADi

SAP Change Pointer allows to trigger change on SAP Master Data and distribute the change with ALE ( in IDoc for example). The SMD tool is connected to the change document interface. If the master data changes are to be distributed, the application writes a change document. The contents of this are passed to the SMD…