MVKE Table in SAP MM (Material Sales Data Table)

The MVKE Table in SAP MM (Material Sales Data Table). Here all the detail about this MVKE Tables.

What MVKE Table in SAP MM ?

The best answer I found for the “What is MVKE table in SAP ?” is :

“MVKE is just a table that stores the content of material master sales organisation views.
As you checked for your material, no sales data avialable then you can extends sales views for material with t.code:MM50 or MM01” (source)

MVKE Tables in SAP MM Fields

Let’s start by list the main fields for SAP MVKE table the Material Sales Data Table in SAP MM (Material Management)

Fields Description
MANDT Client
MATNR Material Number
VKORG Sales Organization
VTWEG Distribution Channel
.INCLUDE Data Division MVKE
LVORM Ind.: Flag material for deletion at distribution chain level
VERSG Material statistics group
BONUS Volume rebate group
PROVG Commission group
SKTOF Cash discount indicator
VMSTA Distribution-chain-specific material status
VMSTD Date from which distr.-chain-spec. material status is valid
AUMNG Minimum order quantity in base unit of measure
LFMNG Minimum delivery quantity in delivery note processing
EFMNG Minimum make-to-order quantity
SCMNG Delivery unit
SCHME Unit of measure of delivery unit
VRKME Sales unit
MTPOS Item category group from material master
DWERK Delivering Plant (Own or External)
PRODH Product hierarchy
PMATN Pricing Reference Material
KONDM Material Pricing Group
KTGRM Account assignment group for this material
MVGR1 Material group 1
MVGR2 Material group 2
MVGR3 Material group 3
MVGR4 Material group 4
MVGR5 Material group 5
SSTUF Assortment grade
PFLKS External assortment priority
LSTFL Listing procedure for store or other assortment categories
LSTVZ Listing procedure for distr. center assortment categories
LSTAK Listing functions (assortments) are active
LDVFL Date from which listed in the store
LDBFL Date to which listed in the store
LDVZL Date from which listed in the distribution center
LDBZL Date to which listed in the central warehouse/distr. center
VDVFL Date from which sold in the store
VDBFL Date to which sold in the store
VDVZL Date from which sold in the distribution center
VDBZL Date to which sold in the distribution center
PRAT1 ID for product attribute 1
PRAT2 ID for product attribute 2
PRAT3 ID for product attribute 3
PRAT4 ID for product attribute 4
PRAT5 ID for product attribute 5
PRAT6 ID for product attribute 6
PRAT7 ID for product attribute 7
PRAT8 ID for product attribute 8
PRAT9 ID for product attribute 9
PRATA ID for product attribute 10
RDPRF Rounding Profile
MEGRU Unit of Measure Group
LFMAX Maximum delivery quantity in store order processing
RJART Flag rackjobber material
PBIND Indicator for price fixing
VAVME Variable Sales Unit Not Allowed
MATKC Competition characterization of a material
PVMSO Material sorting in product proposal

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