SAP Address – important Tables and BAPI

SAP License Table; SAP Address

SAP Address – Some important Read BAPI: Regroups list of important SAP BAPI to Read SAP Address Details with list of Address Tables (ADRC… ).

Find also how to retrieve SAP Business Address Services for Company and User.

SAP Address Tables

The most important SAP tables Address are

TableSAP Address Table
ADRCAddresses (Business Address Services)
ADR12FTP and URL (Business Address Services)
ADR2Telephone Numbers (Business Address Services)
ADR3Fax Numbers (Business Address Services)
ADR4Teletex Numbers (Business Address Services)
ADR5Telex Numbers (Business Address Services)
ADR6E-Mail Addresses (Business Address Services)
ADR7Remote Mail Addresses (SAP – SAP – Communication)
ADR8X.400 Numbers (Business Address Services)
ADRPPersons (Business Address Services)

check here the definition of Business Address Services (BC-SRV-ADR)

SAP Address for Company

In order to link SAP Address to SAP company, check the KNA1-ADRNR for Address Number.
You can retrieve directly data from ADRC et list of SAP Address Tables above.

SAP Address for User

SU01 user master record can be retrieved with the BAPI BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL
The input is : USERNAME User Name like BAPIBNAME-BAPIBNAME.
You will retrieve all User data within the address information in

  • ADDRESS for Address Data
  • ADDTEL for BAPI Structure Telephone Numbers
  • ADDFAX for BAPI Structure Fax Numbers
  • ADDTTX for BAPI Structure Teletex Numbers
  • ADDTLX for BAPI Structure Telex Numbers
  • ADDSMTP for E-Mail Addresses BAPI Structure
  • ADDURI for BAPI Structure: URL, FTP, and so on

SAP Addresses Types

SAP Business Address Types are set on Domain AD_ADRTYPE.
The 3 different Types of Address are:

  • 1=Organization
  • 2=Person
  • 3=Contact person

Important BAPI to Read Address in SAP


ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM will format address according to different Country criteria.
This FM is for Address Format According to Post Office Guidelines.

For example, the output ADDRESS_DATA_CARRIER_0 contains the right format for Street name with Street Number.

Tips: PO Box is filled, PO BOX is more prioritaire that STREET Data.
So in order to force taking into account STREET, set the input field STREET_HAS_PRIORITY Flag: Street has priority over PO Box.


This Function Module ADDR_GET_COMPLETE Read the complete address object (incl. all communication tables).
The input is Address Number (Key of Database Table).

Before calling ADDR_GET_COMPLETE, make a call to ADDR_MEMORY_CLEAR to refresh Address Buffer.


The BAPI ADDR_GET will Read an address without dialog.
It will format also Street name and number to the right format in the structures ADDRESS_VALUE Return data for an address and SADR for Return the old address structure.


The FM ADDR_REFERENCE_GET is a tool for.Where-used list functions for SAP Address.
The input is ADDRESS_NUMBER gives you in output the tables and fields using this address.

For example, the output for a SAP Address used as Company Address will be :

  • APPL_KEY 500 ABC ( Mandant + Customer Id )

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