SAP Production Orders Tcodes and SAP Planning Order Transactions

SAP Production Orders Tcodes: regroups the most used SAP PP Tcodes used for SAP Production Orders and SAP Planning Orders.

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SAP Production Orders Tcodes

The main SAP Production Order Tcode are:

CO01/ CO02Create/ Change Production Order
CO05(N)Release Production Order
CO08Create Production Order with Sales Order
MIGOGoods Receipt/ Goods Issue/ Cancellation of Material Document
CO11(N)Production Order Confirmation
CO15Production Order Confirmation
CO13Cancel Production Order Confirmation
CO16(N)Reprocessing Confirmation
COGIAutomatic Goods Receipt: Error Handling
COHVMass Processing

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SAP PP Planning Order Tcodes

In the other hand, here the list to keep in mind when dealing with SAP Plannig Order Transaction Codes or SAP PO Tcodes

MD11Create a Planned Order
MD12Change a Planned Order/ Delete a Planned Order
CO40Convert a Planned Order into a Production Order
CO41Collective Conversion of Planned Order and production order
MD14Conversion of Planned Order to Purchase Requisition
MD15Collective Conversion of Planned Order to Purchase Requisition
CM21/ CM22Capacity Leveling
MDVPCollective Availability Check
/AFS/MD02AFS MRP – Single Item – Single Level/Multilevel

Source: Transaction Codes for Planning and Production Data


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