Install SAP HANA as an Eclipse Plugin


Install SAP HANA as an Eclipse Plugin guide will help you install SAP HANA on Eclipe.?SAP HANA Studio is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on Eclipse.?

Install SAP HANA as an Eclipse Plugin steps

But as the SAP Hana Studio is based on Eclipse, it is possible to install the Hana Studio on Mac OS.
here the step by step SAP Hana Tutorial to install SAP Hana Studio on MAC OS

Download and install Eclipse

The first step is to download and Install the Eclipe IDE Lunar standard 4.
You can find the file of Eclipe for SAP HANA here (?
Choose the package for Eclipe Standard Lunar 4.4 ( it is the most compatible up to this date).

Install the SAP HANA Tools as Eclipse Plugins

  1. Launch Eclipse
  2. Navigate in Eclipe to Help -> Install New Software ?
  3. Add?new?to add repository, use this URL:
    It is the?HANA Cloud Platform and it is free of charge to download.
  4. Check?this repository to see available software list available
  5. Pick SAP HANA Tools (or more, depending on your needs)
  6. Finish installation (restarting Eclipse will be required )
  7. Once restarted, Switch to HANA perspective and Here it is !

If you have a HANA server Running with HANA XS engine is enabled, in step 3, specify the SAP HANA server studio repository ( https://<host>/sap/hana/studio ) . The plugin will be download for the SAP HANA server.

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