List of WorkItems for a User

How to retrieve List of WorkItems for a user ?

You will find here the different methods to extract the list of WorkItems by user and TaskID. First we will start with the existing SAP Standard Function/BAPI to retrieve user’s WorkItems. Then we will have a look on WorkItems and User tables in SAP Workflow. 


SAP NetWeaver Gateway Serie: GET_ENTITYSET Method Implementation

In this serie dealing with SAP Netweaver Gateway Service, we will detail and give some useful and ready to use tips and ABAP sources to start with SAP oData service using SAP GW. This article will detail the Query to retrieve oData Data Collection: GET_ENTITYSET.

Regular Expressions in SAP ABAP

Using Regular Expressions in SAP ABAP ( REPLACE, FIND REGEX )

Start using Regular Expressions with ABAP and your Code will be more efficient and shorter. FIND REGEX and REPLACE ABAP statement with Samples and real case. In this article, we will start with the common Regular Expressions Operators used in ABAP. Then, you will find some useful ABAP Statement using Regular Expressions in order to detail…

Shared Memory Object Class in ABAP

How to Create Shared Memory Object Class in ABAP

Create AREA ROOT Class for Shared Memroy Object Area The first step is to create an Area Rool class. ( let’s say ZCL_ROOT) Go to SAP Transaction SE24 and create a new class. Make sure you checked “Shared Memory Enabled” under Class/Interface Propertiess Tab as following:

SAP UI Theme Designer

SAP UI Theme Designer PDF Ressources: Step by Step Started Guides

SAP is no more only the SAPGUI Interface. SAP’ UI is becoming more open and more customizable. SAP UI Theme Designer is the new tool to create custom Theme for Different SAP Application going from SAP GUI for HTML, WebDynPro ABAP And SAP Fiori Apps. In this article, you will find a compilation of useful…

SAP Batch Management Tcodes, Tables and User Exits, BADI

SAP Batch Management: Userexits and BAdIs

In this articles, we will discuss in detail the different methods to enhance the standard process in SAP Batch Management. The list of SAP Batch Exit and BAdIs will be classified by Business functionnalities: Batch Master, Batch Classification, Batch Numbering – Internal and external, Batch Status, SLED Management, Batch Information Cockpit Exit, Derivation and Batch Determination…

SAP Transport Standard Text, UI Theme Designer

A Short Introduction and Overview to SAP UI Theme Designer

Using UI theme designer you can create your own themes to adapt the visual appearance of applications. One single tool for theming and branding SAP’s key user interfaces Apply your corporate branding and look to applications built with SAP UI technologies. The UI theme designer is a browser-based tool for cross-theming scenarios. Use it to…