SAP GUI for HTML: Menu and Toolbar Paramaters

SAP GUI for HTML: Menu and Toolbar Paramaters. First we will detail the Toolbar Parameter with the different value. Then we will list the main SAP GUI for HTML Parameters you may want to consider when dealing with HTML version of SAP GUI.

SAP CRM Authorization

SAP CRM Authorization Objects demystified (SAP CRM 7.0)

First we will start with the list of main SAP CRM Authorization Objects (version 7.0). Then we will detail some important Customer RelationShip Authorization Objects and Checks (CRM_ORD_LP, CRM_ORD_PR, CRM_ORD_OE) . In the last part, we will be looking of the different levelss for Authorization Check Stack in SAP CRM 7.0 for Business Transaction. 

SAP License Table; SAP License Types and Guide;SAP Address;SAP Adobe Document Services Licensing

SAP Adobe Document Services Licensing Guide + PDF

SAP Adobe Document Services Licensing: Using the tool Adobe LiveCycle Designer and the Adobe document services, and using pure print forms (not interactive) is part of the license of the relevant SAP solution (including SAP NetWeaver).

ST22-SAP Common ABAP Dumps in ST22 & TroubleShooting

Top 18 SAP Common ABAP Dumps in ST22 & TroubleShooting

The standard SAP Transaction code ST22 compiles the ABAP Dumps occured in the SAP System. In this article, I will detail the Top 18 most common ABAP Dumbs in ST22. It may help through troubleshooting as the first step. Second, you can search for, if exists a SAP Note which can correct the issue or…

SAP Product Hierarchy Tables

Main SAP Product Hierarchy Tables and Quick Tips

SAP Product hierarchy tables stored the PH is an alphanumeric character string used for grouping materials. In the standard SAP system, a product hierarchy can be created with up to three levels, each with a specific number of characters. Each level signifies a certain characteristic of the product. (source) You find here the list of…

SAP Merchandise Categories

Merchandise Categories in SAP : Tables, Tcodes and Quicks Tips

This artilce covers many side of the technical sides of Merchandise Categories. First we will start with a short Definition of Merchandise Categories in SAP. Then We will list the main tables for Merhandising, following by the transaction Codes. Finally, we will introduce quick tips for quick wins with SAP Merchandise Category.