Delete SAP CRM Product

How to Delete SAP CRM Product – Step by Step Guide

How to Delete SAP CRM Product ? – a step by step SAP Tutorials guide how to delete a SAP Customer Relationship Management Product .
Find the different steps to delete Product in CRM. In addition, if you want to go further, an easy guide to enhance/ customize the SAP standard tools to delete a SAP CRM Product based on additional criteria. 

Delete SAP CRM Product Steps:

  1. Execute Transaction SE11 to display SAP DDIC
  2. Choose Database Table = COMC_PR_TOOL_REG.  This table is for Registration for Auxiliary/Correction/Reset Programs
  3. Click on Display Button to displace table content .
  4. Click on Utilities -> Table Contents -> Create Entries.
  5. Add a new entries with the following data:
    • User Name = “your SAP User”
    • Exec Date = Current Date.
  6. Click on Save Button
    • The Program COM_PRODUCT_DELETE_SINGLE is now registred for SAP CRM Producgt Deletion
  7. Go to transaction SE38 for SAP ABAP Report Tcode.
  8. Enter the standard report COM_PRODUCT_DELETE_SINGLE.
  9. Click on Execute Button (F8) to run the previous report .
  10. Enter the following details of the products that you want to delete and then click on Execute Button.
    • Product ID = “Put your Product Id”
    • Product Type = 01 ( for example 01 for Material type ) 
    • Logical System = “Choose your Logical System … you can use the help search”
    • Product Family ( not mandatory )
    • Simulation – No Deletion = ‘Unchecked’ ( checked for testing) 

-> The Product is deleted !

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Delete all SAP CRM Product

If your requirement is to delete all the products in SAP CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ), you should replace
CAUTION: This will delete all CRM PRODUCT, So Make sure what are doing before running this report.

Enhancement for SAP CRM Product Deletion

If you make a filter to delete only SAP CRM Products based on some specific criteria or based on some extra authorizations check,
Copy the standard delete SAP CRM Product Report COM_PRODUCT_DELETE*.

Replace in the first section, the COM_PRODUCT_DELETE* by your custom ABAP Report.

Source: Sapuniversity

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