SAP Production Order Tables and Join Between PO Tables (AUFK, AFVC, AFFL, AFRU…)

SAP Production Order Tables e1459012874669

SAP Production Order Tables: find the most important SAP Tables used for Production Orders.

SAP PO Tables, in this article, will be classified by topics including: AFKO, AFVC, Status, Operation, Routines, Confirmations, missing Parts Tables, SAP CIM Order Tables.

As bonus, you will find some useful join condition to retrieve data of Production Order data for Standard SAP Tables.

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SAP BOM Category Details

SAP Warehouse Management e1499171805310

SAP BOM Category: BOM ( Bill of Material ) can be used to represent different Objects: Material, Order, Equipment (SM), WBS (PS), Standard (PS), Document and Functional Location (PM)
In this post, you will find some illustrations of SAP BOM in different SAP modules with the relevant SAP Tcodes and the main link SAP Table for each.

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SAP Incoterms Overview in SAP MM and SAP SD: Tables, Tcodes, Exit …

Incoterms in SAP

SAP Incoterms is, Commonly-used trading terms that comply with the standards established by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Incoterms are, in sample words, the codification for international commons term in foreign terms.

The post will list all the Incoterms used in SAP Incoterms. It will give the functional definition as well as a technical overview of SAP Incoterms and Incoterms Tables in SAP.

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Manufacturing Plants of a SAP Material

SAP Inventory Management

Manufacturing Plants for a SAP material list is some times it is tricky.

In this post, I will explain 2 methods to retrieve the list of Plant who manufacter a Product.

It is the internal Plants to company of course who produce the SAP material.

The First Method is based on SAP Production Order
The second method is based on SAP Plant Data.

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